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4 Beauty Items You Need To Always Travel With

4 Beauty Products You Need to Travel with

These products saved me. Literally. I don’t know what I would have done without all of these. My skin is very, VERY dry and these helped a lot with the maintaining of my dehydrated skin. The long flights definitely put a hold on my skin’s texture and feel and having these products in my bag made them feel moisturized and soft.

1. Evian Mineral Water Spray – I fell asleep a lot on the plane. And after each of those naps, this spray helped me a lot. I even sprayed it on my hands to give them a refreshed feel. I also have smaller ones in my makeup bag. I’ll definitely be repurchasing!

2. Simple Skincare Makeup Remover Wipes – One of my beauty staples. I didn’t wear any makeup while traveling, but having these wipes also helped with refreshing my face after sleeping. The Mister even liked it as well.

3. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose – The great thing about this lip treatment is that it has SPF 15 and last forever. It smells so nice and I didn’t feel completely bare-faced while on the plane wearing this. Loved the little color it gave me as well.

4. Philosophy Hands of Hope Hand Cream – This hand cream definitely helped with sealing in the moisture of my dry skin. I even put a little bit on my face, but of course I wouldn’t recommend it to you because it’s a hand

As you can see, mostly everything in this post is about one word: MOISTURE! Remember to always drink plenty of water on any long distance . Dehydration can ruin your trip so make sure you drink up and use these tools.

What other beauty products do you make sure you have on a long trip? I’d love to hear!

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