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How to Save Money While Shopping at Sephora

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The truth of the matter is Sephora can make you use your money to buy Nars and Urban Decay instead of paying your rent. Especially during the Beauty Insider sales that happen every year. And honestly, when I do spend the cash, I don’t have time to return a $65 foundation, remember where I placed the receipt and waste my gas to go back to Sephora to exchange or refund. So when I spend my money, I want to make sure I do it right the first time.

Use these four money saving techniques before shelling out the big bucks at Sephora.

1. Take a trip to your local Sephora to swatch, test, and smell. 

Do all this before spending a dime. Sometimes I find myself so excited about a product I read on a blog or saw on YouTube that I buy on impulse and become disappointed later or it sits in my makeup drawer and becomes the “product I don’t need and never use”, which is money down the drain. Go test and swatch the product before you open your wallet. And make sure you as for samples!

2. Sephora On-The-Fly will save your coins and allow you to find gems.

I’m one of those shoppers who has a list and sticks to it but as soon as I get in line and see all of the “petite” products for a cheaper price, I cave in. But I’m never upset that I don’t like the product because hey — I didn’t pay full price for it! Another reason I love this tempting little sneaky way to spend more is because I’ve found some “holy grails” that I NEVER would have thought to purchase. Link this product that I have to review very soon. Also, you can look at a full list of everything they have to save money and travel with as well.

 3. Become a Sephora Beauty Insider… ASAP.

Like yesterday! You are missing out on savings as we speak. Plus you get rewarded when you shop and honestly you want to be rewarded with products that are of quality and popular. Also, twice a year you get to save on your purchases just for being apart of Beauty Insider Reward Program.

4. Take advantage of Sephora Beauty Gifts. Bundle products = Better Deal! 

Paying $100+ for two products that claim to work “best” together is something no one wants to do. I realized I hit the “gift set” heaven when I purchased this. I wanted to try the Moisturizer and Cleanser and the other products were bonus. Go ahead and invest in the opportunity of finding your “holy grails”!

I hope this helps you beauty buyers save money and spend wisely. Let me know in the comments if you use these techniques when you go to Sephora.

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How To Save Money While Shopping At Sephora