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Houston’s Paleo Restaurant: Ruggles Black

My husband and I went Paleo this week! Kinda. Or at least tried. yaaay. Can’t you tell I’m excited.

What sparked this food adventure was our recent invitation to Ruggles Black, a paleo restaurant with an atmosphere to die for. I never knew food could be so good, look so great, and be filled with amazing local ingredients.

Ruggles Black is a food bar located in Upper Kirby in Houston and is a modern and fun restaurant serving a fusion of Indian, French, and American foods.

The Long Drive Drink  The Long Drive: sweet tea vodka, lemonade vodka, and basil ice
We were first greeted with a drink that my husband and I call the “Grown Folks Arnold Palmer” (above) which was so delicious and set the tone of the delicious appetizers (below).
oysters Angry Shrimp Appetizer

Angry Shrimp

The Spring Paleo Feast was definitely a memorable event with bloggers, fashionable people and beautiful food surrounded by the modern and chic decor of Ruggles Black.

We met and talked to the both chefs, sample Ruggles Black signature dishes, and learned more about Paleo and how Ruggles Black prepared their food.

Ruggles Black Chef Bruce Molzan “The King of Paleo” prepared delicious Paleo treats with local ingredients from farmers. We enjoyed several wines and of course the mixologist had wonderful cocktails as well.

Paleo Tandoori Zataar Chicken

Tandoori Zataar Chicken

While others ate a Salmon dish that my husband loved, I had the Tandoori Zataar Chicken since I’m allergic to fish. By this time, I was well stuffed with drinks, apps, and a Roasted local Beets and Pork Belly Salad that I literally that it was my meal.

The plate was so colorful and gorgeously plated. It was filled with fresh sweet potatoes, zucchini, squash, and crispy but juicy chicken. So delicious.

We were also delighted to get a surprise guest Giacomo Satta, son of Michele Satta from the very famous Satta Winery in Bolgheri who stopped by and introduced and poured  Satta “Piastraia” and Satta “Castagni” . Ruggles Black Houston Ruggles Black

 Make sure you go and witness the deliciousness of Ruggles Black paleo cuisine. Check out their menu here!

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