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My Birth Story

LittleMissTaryn - Brilliance Of B

LittleMissTaryn - Brilliance Of B

LittleMissTaryn - Brilliance Of B

LittleMissTaryn - Baby - Brilliance Of B

First Family Photo - Brilliance Of B

I’d never dreamed I’d experience the blessing of giving birth.  My life enhanced in a matter of minutes. Once I heard that soft little cry, my heart melted. She’s my little angel. 🙂

Welcome Little Miss Taryn!

Taryn arrived on Monday, July 11, 2016 at 2:30pm 6lbs 9oz and 19 3/4 inches at 38weeks. My Due date was 7/25/2016.

Snapshot of My Birth Story

Here’s a few highlights of that weekend:

  • Had a family reunion that weekend and my husband and I both hosted it. Was literally on my feet from Thursday-Sunday! So glad it was an active weekend because I was getting so nervous about giving birth. A tip I learned was to make myself so busy that I wouldn’t think about how the delivery.
  • Feet were swollen for the first time EVER on that Friday.
  • I was having on and off contractions Sunday after breakfast and a nap.
  • Sunday evening before the last family members left town, we took them to a Cajun restaurant to eat.
  • Ate some SPICY Fried Alligator at the restaurant and my water broke! Thank goodness I had on black pants and yay for spicy food making my water break! I’ve heard SO MANY wives tales as to how to make your water break and I AM A WITNESS. Spicy food for the win! lol
  • Husband was speeding to the hospital. Thank God traffic was light on this Sunday evening.
  • Admitted around 8pm Sunday. Contracted then induced until 5:50am. Epidural put in at 7:45am only for it to numb the RIGHT SIDE OF MY BODY. I was so upset!
  • They gave me a “cocktail” for the pain for my LEFT SIDE to stop hurting. I was feeling EVERY piece of pain!
  • Cocktail wore off LEFT SIDE and I felt EVERY CONTRACTION while right side was completely numb.
  • Around 1:45pm felt MAJOR pressure.
  • Nurse said Anesthesiologist was coming to REDO my epidural. I said HECK NO! I was already in pain and I didn’t want to go through anymore of it in my back.
  • Told nurse about the pressure and she checked me and said I could push if I wanted to. Was thoroughly confused at her request. lol But realized she wanted me to go ahead and start so I could get used to pushing.
  • Pushed through the contractions 4 times and on Monday at 2:30pm she was born!

I must say I am thankful that my delivery was quick (kinda). Being a First Time Mom, you can easily scare yourself with videos, mommy forums and other peoples experiences. You just have to have faith that everything is going to go well. Although, I wasn’t warned that you can get an epidural and it MIGHT not work, I still feel like I had a great delivery.

I thank you all for the well wishes for my family and I! More of Little Miss Taryn soon!

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