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4 Beauty Items My Husband Uses

It never fails. The Mister will always find his hands in my products. He has hand picked not really just grabbed some of my products that has really been working for him. And all of these are affordable and not gender specific, except for one.

4 Beauty Items My Husband Uses

Since I have been focusing on making sure the products in my bathroom are ones that I will use on a weekly basis, every product I use is properly thought out. He, somehow, allowed some of my products to get on his side of the bathroom. *side eye*

Husband Uses My Hair Products

Here’s some of his go-tos:

 Queen Helene Facial Scrub

Queen Helene Mint Julep

He has very oily skin. I used this for a very long time and for the longest I told him to try but he never would. Then when I repurchased it he FINALLY decided to try it and the rest is history.

ORS Olive Oil Hair Lotion ORS Olive Oil Hair Lotion

This lightweight hair lotion is perfect for my slick styles, but he uses this right after washes and conditions his hair. He has thick and curly hair, so this product was a win for him.

Eden Body Works Jojoba Natural Hair Oil

Eden Body Works Natural Hair Oil

I won Eden Body Works Jojoba products at a Blogger Conference, but never got a chance to use this hair oil. The Mister loves to tea tree oil, but I convinced him to try this and he loves this too. He uses this because he claims he gets dandruff sometimes and this helps to combat that issue.

Aqua Velva Ice Blue Cooling After Shave

Aqua Velva Ice Blue Cooling After Shave

This stuff smells soo good! lol He uses this, of course, after touching up his beard and it doesn’t irritate his skin. I think this may be a throwback to some, but it works and I’m always buying this for him.

What products does your boo steal from you side of the bathroom?

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