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Eye Elegance Houston: Fashionable Eyewear

As fashionable as I THINK I am (hehe), why is it that my current eyewear doesn’t show that? I can give two reasons why they aren’t. For one, I don’t wear them often. Secondly, I never really thought about it. 
I had the pleasure of going to Eye Elegance, an eyewear store in the most bustling place for young Houstonians, Montrose. I love this area and everything it offers. Great stores and cute restaurants. 
As I perused the sea of colorful eye-catching (no pun intended) spectacles, I was definitely in awe. Gazing at each frame was seriously like looking at shoes. Ok, not really but you get my point. Wanting to try on every pair, in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Visualizing the designer as they designed them and the vision (no pun intended again) they had in mind when creating them.
I was sort of obsessed with every cat-eye pair that I saw since it is a big trend for this fall. I was mostly interested in the brands, Face a Face, Theo, and Oliver Peoples.
The atmosphere of the store gave an industrial feel with steel beems holding the eye glasses racks together and recycle rubber for the flooring. The knowledge and passion from the owners and workers gave insight about who the designers were and what the type of material some brands used such as, buffalo horn and perforated steel for design.
Please visit them at their store for more information.
Eye Elegance
3939 Montrose
Houston, TX 77006