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Lincoln Presents #HelloAgain: The New Sexy Stylish MKZ

I love football (GEAUX SAINTS!). And I USED to be a Dallas Cowboy fan (when I was younger). Surprisingly, I love luxury cars as well. When Lincoln contacted me to come and check out their new Lincoln MKZ and meet their brand ambassador Emmitt Smith, I “blitz-ed” my way on to check it out and shake the hand of the legend.

Lincoln is a great brand and very dependable. I’ve NEVER heard a negative about Lincoln cars. Their newest feat is one that is adventurous and cool. Targeting the young and fashionable market to their brand, it was held in the most upscale neighborhood in Houston, River Oaks. What’s so special and unique about the Lincoln Hello Again Tour is the reintroduction and rebranding of the company and the introduction of classic ideas from different genres such as music, art, food, design, and film. This tour also highlighted the following companies:

Shade House Development – Green living homes from innovative husband-wife design team. 

Burning Bones Press – Original, limited edition prints and etchings from local  art studio.
Bravado Spice Co. – Locally-sourced, handcrafted hot sauces from Houston newcomer.

Rugged Gnome Detailed, qualityleather goods from local reinvented artisan.

Emmitt Smith and I at the Houston, TX Hello Again Tour.
Lips: Rihanna’s RiRi Woo by MAC | Floral blouse: Zara (similar)
This car is way better than I expected. Lincoln’s are definitely known for their luxury so it was sure to impress. What I enjoyed as a tech-y girl while driving the MKZ, was all of the technology incorporated with the functionality of the car. 

*My MKZ Highlights*
-Ambient lightening throughout the vehicle of any of your favorite colors.
-Floating console. Best thing in life for maximum space in the front of the car.
-Push button EVERYTHING. Even the shifts. I was hesitant at first about pushing the D (for drive) and switching to R (for reverse), but noticed there was really not a problem.
-Sleek and Sexiness. Even Emmitt Smith said it himself. It’s sexy vehicle. 
It’s surely a car that I could see myself driving and it may be in the running for my luxury car for my upcoming birthday in a couple years. We shall see!
Check out more photos on my Facebook page of Emmitt and the businesses that were highlighted on the tour!
When you think of Lincoln, what is the first word you think of?
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