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3 Beauty Items I Never Pay A Lot For

I never want to feel guilty (spending too much) about buying beauty products that do the same job as drugstore products to then turn around and take it back to Sephora (lazy). So, this post will save you money and gas. You’re welcome.

Affordable Beauty Products at Drugstore

Here are the top 3 beauty items I never pay a lot for:


Granted, the only reason I have this mascara is because I tried a sample and felt like every penny I spent on it would be worth it. I explain why I buy samples here. But there is no point in purchasing mascaras that cost over $10. Every drugstore has every kind of brush applicator and color you can find so it’s a guarantee you will find anything at a low price.

Lip liners

I love MAC’s Vino like the next beauty lover, but I fight with myself to pay that much for a lip liner, when NYX gives me the same color for half the price. There is no need to splurge on lip liners. The drugstore or Ulta has everything you need, especially when they go on sale!

Makeup Brushes

When I was first introduced to beauty, I had my mind set on all the top notch make up brushes that I had to have. Honestly, I didn’t know how to apply make up very well, so I never saw the amazement of why I needed an eye shadow brush that cost more than what I should have been spending. For beginners, there are a bunch of makeup companies who are producing quality brushes at an affordable cost. Do your research and don’t overspend!

I hope this helps you get an idea of purchasing beauty products with your hard earned money. Make sure all of your purchases are “Worth-it”!

What beauty products do you try to stay in budget buying?

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