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@UncommonGoods Giveaway!

Creativity is something we can personally say is our own. No matter if it is right or wrong, creativity is always up for debate. Creativeness equals perception. It’s all about how you see it, what you feel when you do it, and what you use to make it.
Ever travel to a place and visit the local flea market to come across the best trinkets, dish ware, and jewelry? Well, I was recently introduced to an online store that has those valuable unique things that I’m sure no other online interface has.

Mostly handmade pieces that catch your eye and is bound to be a conversation piece, UncommonGoods has affordable items that are made by eclectic artists and designers. It has all sorts of interesting gifts and bits that are one of a kind. They feature products that are rare and are made for unique individuals who will appreciate the art form. The website even features holiday selections as well!
The NYC-based online marketplace features high-quality merchandise, made in the USA, and houses products that are made from recycled and/or up-cycled materials. For another note-worthy highlight, UncommonGoods supports and believes in numerous of non-profits that end hunger in local communities and support environmental efforts.

UncommonGoods has partnered with me to giveaway a $50 gift certificate for Brilliance Of B readers! Aren’t you excited?!


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The giveaway will end September 23, 2013!
Good luck and tell your friends about this giveaway!
*This blog post has been sponsored by UncommonGoods*