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Couture Fall 2014: Chanel

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After stalking Anna Dello Russo Instagram page, I got a beautiful glimpse of the glammed up 18th-century dresses for the Fall 2014 Chanel Couture runway show. Above are my favorites out of the collection.

The show seemed to be placed in a royal castle with the all white set-up and open stage. I felt like these dresses would have been worn in Game of Thrones if only they had the time and creativity as well as the fabrics and Karl’s brain to pull this off. The modern twist with the matching cross-body bags and fabric laced sandals adds a casual sense to this jeweled pieces.

Have you seen the collection? Click here to view it. Tell me what you think in the comments!



1. Jeffrey Campbell Fairlane
2. Chanel COCO Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum
3. Tory Burch iPhone 4 Cellphone Case
Here’s my picks Christmas picks for this year. Although I want SO much more! 
I’ve been so in love with those JC Fairlane! The Litas are adorable but these would definitely fit into my wardrobe.
 I’ve always had a hard time finding a perfume. I spent hours in Sephora trying to figure out what I really liked. I literally carried the coffee beans around with me! Chanel COCO Mademoiselle is such an elegant scent that could be worn day or night. It’s so sophisticated and timeless!
This week I was invited to a Holiday Blogger event (post coming soon!) and I won a Kate Spade Polka Dotted iPhone Case (see below)! So now I’m on the hunt for more designer iPhone cases. Plus, I’ve dropped my phone so many times. So I guess that was a hint to get a case!
Christmas is a week away and I haven’t wrapped one gift and I’m not done Christmas shopping! Hopefully I can finish by tomorrow!
PS: What’s on YOUR Christmas wish list?
xoxo, Brittany