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6 Tech Tools I Use For My Style Photos

I think I’ve mastered the perfect combination of products to get the best pictures I can. I’m such a systematic and procedural person, especially with things that I know I will be doing over and over again. Why reinvent the wheel, right?

I used to honestly be flustered with trying to get all of my gear ready. I was so unmotivated to take blog photos because I didn’t have a place for everything. I knew the key to being consistent with this blog was to make sure that when I was ready to take photos, my equipment had to be together.

6 Tech Tools For Style Photos


After reading blogs for so long, I realized what captured me to most of them and it was their pictures. So I invested in the best camera I could afford. The Digital Single Lens Reflex I invested in was a NIKON 5100 which has done me pretty well so far. Make the investment to get you a camera that can help you grow just with a different lens.

Tripod & Remote

Don’t have a photographer? Use a tripod and REMOTE. The Mister is my photographer (trust me, I had to teach him) but when he was out of town, I used my good ole Tripod and Remote. Here’s an example of a blog post I did with no photographer!

Back up Battery

When I’m done taking photos for the day, I rarely remember to put my camera’s battery on the charger, so I make sure I keep my back up battery handy.


I learned Photoshop a couple of years ago and it’s been my saving grace. Learning the basics can instantly change your photos. I’m going to be doing a couple of tutorials on those basics. Also, if you can’t afford Photoshop, make sure to check out GIMP as an alternative.

SD Wifi Card

Here’s the secret! I use a SD Wifi Card to get my pictures straight to my phone. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are a breeze to post to now that I have this simple tool. I used to email myself HUGE photos from my camera just to get them on my phone. I learned about these SD cards at the beginning of the year but they were super expensive. So I waited until the Amazon Prime sale to purchase them at a decent price. You can get them here too.

6 Tech Tools For Style Bloggers

Hope you enjoyed! Make sure you comment and subscribe for more tips!

Brilliance Of B - Houston Fashion Blogger

Why I Started Blogging – Brilliance Of B

I’ve always wanted to write this post but never had the time. But I’m gonna keep it short and sweet and tell you why I started Brilliance Of B.

Why I Started Blogging - Brilliance Of B

It was October of 2009, when I decided I wanted to do something different in my life. I had been out of college for 5 months and working in Boston in a cubicle. I was so bored.

I started to think about the things I thought about in college and even before I went to college. I just knew I was going to be a Fashion Magazine Editor.

So, I asked myself the question, “How can I become a Fashion Magazine Editor when I just got a degree in Computer Science?” Then it clicked. I can join my dream and my skill together by creating a blog. I win both ways.

My every intention for this website was to write about fashion and makeup. I looked at this platform as a website that would one day become a  fashion magazine. I wanted to share my views on fashion and what I thought was the latest and greatest. I only followed a few blogs back then, so I didn’t have a plan or even a blueprint of a fashion blog.

But, it formed into one of the things that I couldn’t see my life without. I had a love-hate relationship with blogging. Coming up with things to write about just to keep it interesting. It was hard but I still decided to write even when I didn’t want to. It formed and helped me shape my dream and encouraged me to strive for those memorable highlights in my life. Like attending fashion shows, press release parties, and brand showcases. Meeting and interviewing celebrities and feeling like I was one.

This little ole blog has even helped me get some amazing jobs and experiences to write in magazines that I thought I’d NEVER be in the position to do. Like, I’m seriously grateful for this piece of internet space I have.

 Can you remember the first blog post that you saw from Brilliance Of B? I’d love to know!

Brilliance Of B - Houston Fashion Blogger