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What To Do Before Spending Money On Expensive Beauty Products

I thought my skin was fine. I made the decision to make sure that I invest more in skin products to help with preserving the skin I have. I’m on the right track, huh? Not so much.

I was so excited when Amerejuve MedSpa asked me to experience their Microdermabrasion skin rejuvenation service. Before I said yes, I did a quick research and realized that my plan for my beauty regime that I made for myself was all wrong. Here’s what I learned that I need to do:

1. Talk to a Amerejuve MedSpa Specialist

Sometimes we just need to talk to someone who really knows the foundation of beautiful skin. I talked with the manager and we had a one-on-one discussion of how this could benefit my skin, what I was going to experience, and what I wanted for my skin. We discussed how acne occurs and how to prevent wrinkles. We also discussed my skin type and how this would effect my skin in the future. Do your research and talk with an Amerejuve specialist to consult you on your skin needs.

2. Rejuvenate Your Skin With Microdermabrasion

After my consultation, I felt confident that this microdermabrasion service was just what I needed. My specialist led me to the room and made sure I was comfortable. The room was so relaxing. The light was very low and the bed was small, but comfortable. My specialist was very knowledgeable and told me every single thing that I would be facing. She cleaned my face thoroughly and made sure she was gentle on my skin. I was nervous at first because I didn’t know exactly how the machine would feel on my skin, but it was not bad at all. When I was done, my skin was literally beaming! It was shiny, smooth and very soft to touch. You can say my face felt like a baby’s bottom!

3. Enjoy Your Beauty Products

Now that your face is smooth and the dead skin has been removed, your beauty products can do the magic power it says it can do. Exfoliation is needed for your skin to maintain healthy skin. No need to spend so much money on products that you regret buying later. After your microdermabrasion service, your beauty products can be a true investment.

Have you ever gotten a microdermabrasion? What do you think about it? Tell me in the comments!


@MyVO5 #AScentIsBorn Campaign 2014: Houston Blogger Luncheon

Ever wish you could experience the making of your favorite product and pick the scent to match?
Earlier this week, VO5 hosted a three course blogger luncheon at Artisans to get our opinion on the top three floral/fruity scents chosen for  the new shampoo and conditioner for their brand.

Everyone knows that VO5 is known for their amazingly affordable wonderful scents to each of their colorful shampoos and conditioner products. I learned so much about VO5 history and how it became so popular. Did you know that the “5” in VO5 meant the five essentials oils? This includes Vitamin E, C, H, B5, and B3. Some of their products are also enriched with 11 Revitalizing oils that make your hair feel very soft and hydrated. Their mantra is “Understanding the beauty of women!”

We were introduced and welcomed by a VO5 Representative that explained the vision of the new scent as well as a Firmenich Representative (company rep. mastering in fragrances, flavors, and ingredients for your favorite perfumes and flavors) to describe our role in the process. It’s so exciting because you guys will be able to choose which scent you love best!

Here’s the rundown on the scents:

Floral #1: This scent automatically made me think of fabric softener. Is that a bad thing? NOT AT ALL! Especially for me. I love fresh scents and I love fresh flowers. This scent included sunflower, jasmine and musk which I picked up quickly.

Floral #2: This scent was nothing but fruity. That’s all I smelled. It was a stronger scent and reminded me of a tropical drink. It had scents of white peach, apple and amber.

Floral #3: This is was not my favorite as it was fruity as well. Also remind me of a “woodsy” smell. I dislike cherries and new that the scent was definitely derived from it. This scent was accented with cherries, strawberries, and raspberry jasmine. The vanilla was very much in this scent as well.

By looking at the charts above, which scent would you choose? Comment below and be on the lookout for voting here!

#BrilliantBeauty BB Cream: Kiss New York Aqua Beauty Balm

During the summer, my regimen is pretty basic. I have very dry skin and don’t need much (as far as products) makeup. It mostly consist of concealer and powder. Which gives me enough coverage without looking like a cake face. Now that the weather is a bit cooler and dryer, I always need a bit of moisture as a foundation for my skin to “weather” the changing season.
As I was preparing for my trip to Blogalicious5, I stumbled across the Aqua Beauty Balm by Kiss New York while browsing the makeup section and my local beauty supply store. It was very inexpensive and I knew it was time to find something a bit more moisturizing.
I am not a fan of foundation and never seem to use it all. I knew with this BB cream, it would be quick and less product to have to use.

My Skin Issues

I have always suffered from scaring. And having allergies made it worse. I suffer from dark circles around my eyes due to allergies and rubbing my eyes often. My skin was so much better in Boston, but since moving to Houston where the daily pollen levels are majority of the time very high. But I’ll get into my allergy story another time.

I don’t have much acne, but I get spots under the skin. I do get small spots that I try to get rid of (I know that’s bad, but I can’t help it!) which causes very small dark scaring.

I applied a pea-size amount with a duo-fiber stippling brush to achieve the application above.


Four colors: LightMedium, Medium, MediumDark, Dark.
8-in-1: Primer/Base, Foundation, Concealer, Moisturizer, Oil Control, Brightening, Skin Regenerating, and Pore Tightening.
Coverage: Maximum with pea-sized amount.
Price: $7.99 —VERY affordable.
Easy application.

Kiss BB Cream for Dark Skin


BB Cream: Kiss New York Aqua Beauty Balm in Medium/Dark
Concealer: Bobbi Brown in Almond
Eyebrows: Anastasia in Brunette
Eyeliner: MAC Feline
Mascara: Rimmel ScandalEyes c/o Influenster

Check out my other makeup posts here, here, and here.

Do you have a winter and summer makeup regimen?


Beautiful Textures Dinner #TeamTextured

Beautiful Textures invited top beauty bloggers in Houston, TX for dinner to discuss new products to it’s hair collection. Our three course dinner was served at The Restaurant at Royal Sonesta Hotel as new products from Beautiful Textures were displayed on our tables. 
As this was a more intimate setting, we were really able to discuss topics that were more open and also to ask more questions about the new products and how they can be used and styled with our hair textures.
Beauty Expert Kimberly Walker styled the models hair and also showed different ways you could use Curl Definer Mousse which is a product that can be used to define curls as well as a product that can be used to refresh your curls. The other featured new product was the Edges to Ends Silkener used smooth out edges and temples when wearing buns or ponytails. The Curl Definer Styling Custard is also a new product that can help with styling your curls and elongating your curls eliminating frizzy ends.
 photo DSC_0077-2_zpsc2951e86.jpg photo IMG_20130406_202919copy_zps42a07437.jpg photo DSC_0074-2_zpsc5338bd9.jpg photo DSC_0073-5_zps7e92e997.jpg
I really enjoyed the dinner and met some wonderful hair enthusiasts. I will be trying out these products as well and will let you know how my experience will be.
Thank you to Beautiful Textures for this opportunity!
Special thanks to The Garner Circle PR.
Have you tried any Beautiful Textures products? Let me know your experience!

Krista Says, I Am NOT My Hair!

“If I wanna shave it close or if I wanna rock locks that dont take a bit away from this soul that I got!” 
-India Arie

Hey Loves! I am so inspiried by the quote that opened up this post today! I just love India Arie. I woke up from a nap last week and decided to take my hair extensions down. There I stood in the mirror with the scissors in my hand. *mouth drops* Reality struck me! I’m natural and I have to now deal with this TWA (teenie weenie afro). Grr! 

I wanted to slap myself for taking my extensions out. I swallowed my pride I washed, treated and tied down my TWA. As I laid in the bed, I told myself I’m getting braids or something. I cant deal! It seems like some people play with their hair and style it then it grows. On the other hand, some people wear weaves or braids and it grows. I just dont know, my little fro doesn’t seem to grow! It is true I wouldn’t give my little hair a chance to flourish. I must admit that I didn’t want to see myself with this kinky, curly TWA.  So Sunday, I played with it. I put it in a puff; I twisted it; I dyed it. I actually enjoyed myself. 

I watched a few YouTube tutorials and began to see how much joy was brought to other natural sisters! I saw the opportunity to make my hair a new hobby. An opportunity to step out of my box. I can do this! 

I did my first twist out Monday and it was perfect! Since then, I’ve been watching more tutorials and getting ideas. I’m motivated! With all this being said, I’ve decided to face my fro (with babysteps, of course!) For the month of April, I vow not to wear a sew-in or braids. I think this is something very liberating for me.

 So ask yourself, are you afraid to step out of the box? It doesn’t have to deal with hair. This is just my personal choice. However, I’m sure everyone has something they want to try. Do it! Break Loose! 

Comment and let me know what liberating change YOU want to make this month! 
Good Luck!