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#TryTMS: Beautiful Textures Texture Managebility System

I’ve been natural for a year and I have not once thought about straightening my hair. But after seeing the Beautiful Textures: Testure Manageability System work on numerous naturalistas, I was so tempted to try. Only thing is, I vowed to do “no heat” for two years. Bummer!My thoughts on this system is: it’s a winner. During this event, I saw this product be used on all hair types and all of them came out with the same result – shiny and bone straight! No don’t get it twisted. This is NOT a perm for natural hair. This is a potent conditioning system to preserve your natural hair’s texture and curl pattern without major heat damage.

For more photos, click HERE.
Julia with All Seasonz Catering. Loved her organic and fresh options!
 Queen’s Palace Salon owner Monica Allen with natural hair client using TMS.
Beautiful Textures Brand Manager Camilla Crews gives insight on the how the product works for women with natural hair.
Master Stylist Pamela Hogan demonstrates how to use the product and how natural hair will benefit from this product.
Thanks to Event Coordinator/Publicist La’Torria Lemon of Lemon-Lime Light Events.

So, do you like my natural hair? When would be a good time to straighten my hair?

Beautiful Textures Dinner #TeamTextured

Beautiful Textures invited top beauty bloggers in Houston, TX for dinner to discuss new products to it’s hair collection. Our three course dinner was served at The Restaurant at Royal Sonesta Hotel as new products from Beautiful Textures were displayed on our tables. 
As this was a more intimate setting, we were really able to discuss topics that were more open and also to ask more questions about the new products and how they can be used and styled with our hair textures.
Beauty Expert Kimberly Walker styled the models hair and also showed different ways you could use Curl Definer Mousse which is a product that can be used to define curls as well as a product that can be used to refresh your curls. The other featured new product was the Edges to Ends Silkener used smooth out edges and temples when wearing buns or ponytails. The Curl Definer Styling Custard is also a new product that can help with styling your curls and elongating your curls eliminating frizzy ends.
 photo DSC_0077-2_zpsc2951e86.jpg photo IMG_20130406_202919copy_zps42a07437.jpg photo DSC_0074-2_zpsc5338bd9.jpg photo DSC_0073-5_zps7e92e997.jpg
I really enjoyed the dinner and met some wonderful hair enthusiasts. I will be trying out these products as well and will let you know how my experience will be.
Thank you to Beautiful Textures for this opportunity!
Special thanks to The Garner Circle PR.
Have you tried any Beautiful Textures products? Let me know your experience!