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Longest Break Ever

Hey Boos!

Happy New Year! Can I tell you right now, that it feels so awkward coming back to blogging. It’s been such a roller coaster of emotions as I really contemplated on continuing this blogging journey. After an overcoming realization that “I’m not done yet”, I began to remember that I have a lot of things to accomplish with this little ole blog.

What happened?

After the blogger burnout, I needed a bigger break. This is the LONGEST (unintended) break I have ever taken from blogging. I literally had an anxiety attack in November and thought something was really wrong with me. I couldn’t believe how I let pressure from finishing “blog posts”, in-laws visiting for Thanksgiving, my parents coming for Christmas, Christmas shopping, and working at my 9-5, run my stress levels to an all time high. It’s not like I haven’t done this before. What the heck happened?

But then after the anxiety attack, I realized something. I was full of emotion, and when I’m full of emotion that usually means it’s that “time of the month”. Then I checked the calendar and noticed that I was a few days late. *big eyed emoji*

Life Changing Moment

And you guessed it — I’m pregnant!

*party emoji* *baby face emoji* LOL

Baby Sonogram

The Mister and I are super SUPER SUPER excited. At first I was in complete shock. More like a surreal-feeling of disbelief. But quickly realized that we prayed for this and God saw fit! The biggest blessing is to create a blessing.

I was so relieved that it wasn’t “me” per say that was beginning to feel unmotivated, clueless (literally), tired, and just down in the dumps. I realized that those feelings were the hormones. Yay hormones! *sarcastically*

I was reminded after listening to a sermon on the radio that when you find yourself in discouragement, it means that your biggest blessing is right around the corner. And knowing that, it has lifted my spirits. July 2016 my biggest blessings is coming!

Pregnancy Baby Announcement

Next Steps

I do still plan to blog and take outfit photos whenever I can. This growing belly is no joke though. So there will be outfit of the days, beauty, bump dates, lifestyle posts and more. And don’t forget to catch me on Snapchat! @brillianceblog *Might wanna go there now!*

Now that my life is changing, I hope you guys stay and enjoy this with me! I really appreciate you all for reading and be on the look out for a giveaway coming soon.

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