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Valentine’s Day 2016 Recap

Valentine’s Day was a three day event for me this year. Especially with this being our last Valentine’s day before we gain a new love in our life. I was so thankful to have my new GlossyBox come in for our date night Saturday. It prepared me for a night out with the Mister.

And this box was so pretty! I swear GlossyBox has the most decorative boxes ever. I’ve never received a box so well put together. This will definitely be a box I keep for my decor for my office.



GlossyBoxMask Aloe Rescue

GlossyBoxGlamGlow Sample Tube


PoreProfessionalGlossyBox Sample



I call this box — Skin Prep! It had the perfect products to have your skin glowing throughout the night. The Mask, the Cleanser, and the Eye Gel hydrated my skin and allowed major moisture for my troublesome dryness.

The primer (which I forgot that I love!) and the lip balm were perfect for my beauty canvas.

Valentines Day Baby Bump Pregnant

I decided I wanted to dress up a bit for the dinner and a movie. I wore my colorful skirt that I had totally forgotten about. The Mister and I usually stay home for Lovers Day, but decided that we would only go where we could pick our seats and set reservations. I think it’s best to have a plan and not waiting until the last minute to plan for V-day!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Remember that self love is the most important love.

Tell me: What did you do for Lover’s Day?

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