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#BrilliantBeauty BB Cream: Kiss New York Aqua Beauty Balm

During the summer, my regimen is pretty basic. I have very dry skin and don’t need much (as far as products) makeup. It mostly consist of concealer and powder. Which gives me enough coverage without looking like a cake face. Now that the weather is a bit cooler and dryer, I always need a bit of moisture as a foundation for my skin to “weather” the changing season.
As I was preparing for my trip to Blogalicious5, I stumbled across the Aqua Beauty Balm by Kiss New York while browsing the makeup section and my local beauty supply store. It was very inexpensive and I knew it was time to find something a bit more moisturizing.
I am not a fan of foundation and never seem to use it all. I knew with this BB cream, it would be quick and less product to have to use.

My Skin Issues

I have always suffered from scaring. And having allergies made it worse. I suffer from dark circles around my eyes due to allergies and rubbing my eyes often. My skin was so much better in Boston, but since moving to Houston where the daily pollen levels are majority of the time very high. But I’ll get into my allergy story another time.

I don’t have much acne, but I get spots under the skin. I do get small spots that I try to get rid of (I know that’s bad, but I can’t help it!) which causes very small dark scaring.

I applied a pea-size amount with a duo-fiber stippling brush to achieve the application above.


Four colors: LightMedium, Medium, MediumDark, Dark.
8-in-1: Primer/Base, Foundation, Concealer, Moisturizer, Oil Control, Brightening, Skin Regenerating, and Pore Tightening.
Coverage: Maximum with pea-sized amount.
Price: $7.99 —VERY affordable.
Easy application.

Kiss BB Cream for Dark Skin


BB Cream: Kiss New York Aqua Beauty Balm in Medium/Dark
Concealer: Bobbi Brown in Almond
Eyebrows: Anastasia in Brunette
Eyeliner: MAC Feline
Mascara: Rimmel ScandalEyes c/o Influenster

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Do you have a winter and summer makeup regimen?