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Feeling Festive

Red Skirt: Zara | Striped Blouse: Thrifted (similar) | Shrug Blazer: H&M – recently on sale (similar here and here) | Shoes: Zara (similar here) | Bag: Zara (love this and this one!) | Necklace: Zara (similar here)
Happy Holidays! How was your Christmas holiday? I have been missing in action on the blog because of traveling to Canada, attending holiday parties, visiting home and the in-laws.

I love this skirt! I wore this skirt here and have worn it on many occasions. I so wish I had this skirt in every color. It’s comfortable and it stretches. I actually found this shrug blazer in the sale in H&M in Canada. I was so excited to see some of the different stores there and was upset because I didn’t bring a bigger luggage to do the shopping I wanted too. I also learned about “Boxing Day” which is a sales day after Christmas (basically Black Friday for Canadians) and wanted to experience it so badly.

Any who, this year has been a wonderful year and I hope that reading my blog you understand that brilliance is in all of us. It doesn’t matter what you wear, it’s how you feel when you wear it. I’m very excited for next year as there are new things in the works!

I ask this question every year as I think your suggestions allow me to create better content for you. I want to give you what you want. I consider you all my lovely friends and I want to continue give you tips and ideas that make you brilliant!

What would you like to see more from my blog?
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2013 Jewelry Trend: Double Necklaces featuring Berricle

 photo DSC_0177_zpsd32b8127.jpg photo DSC_0179_zpsc8a50ea0.jpg photo DSC_0187_zps75a83bc9.jpg photo DSC_0209_zps44379d36.jpg photo DSC_0212_zpsfa3239ec.jpg
 photo DSC_0189_zpsf22e3785.jpg photo DSC_0197_zps89303c27.jpg
Shirt: Zara | Denim: Armani Exchange | Pumps: Shoemint  (similar)| Solitaire Diamond Pendant: c/o Berricle | Earrings: Aldo | Watch: MK (similar) | Sunglasses: c/o SmartBuyGlasses

Sparkle and Stripes! It’s NOVEMBER! My gosh this year went by fast. It will be 2014 in two months!

It’s all about the holidays and the parties! Berricle contacted me to style one of their fabulous and affordable necklaces. This type of sparkle is just what I need for my holiday dresses! They have rings, necklaces, and bracelets for any occasion and the price is AMAZING.

I decided to wear this new trend that I have been seeing on mannequins in all the department stores like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and Dillards. It is such a cute alternative instead of wearing the chunky statement necklaces (which I love) for those who want just a little interest. It’s dainty and gives just enough sparkle.


shopbop.com Longsleeve Tops · Forever 21 Sweaters · Vila Skinny Denim

Which do you prefer: Chunky Statement Necklaces or 

Simple Dainty Necklaces?


 photo DSC_0156_zps94f72e3e.jpg photo DSC_0155_zpsaa869987.jpg photo DSC_0160_zpsf9910d81.jpg photo DSC_0189_zpsbd08252b.jpg photo DSC_0181_zps0aaa80ac.jpg
T-Shirt: Phillip Lim for Target (Men) | Skort, Red Pumps, Bag: Zara | Watch: MK | Bracelet: HRH | MidiRings: Urban Outfitters | Nails: Stacey by Zoya (my favorite for Fall!)

The Fall as come and gone in Houston, which sort of makes for better weather than summer. It’s still hot, but not that scorching hot that is unbreathable and makes you darker in a matter of seconds. While shooting this, it was a bit hot because of standing directly in the sun. But once you hit a shaded area, it was golden. I even felt a breeze.

I’ve had a busy week this week. Constant events, phone calls, and emails now that I’ve started my own business. The back and fourth with clients with upcoming events and a time to breath and hangout with my blogger buddies and friends has been difficult. I realize that I do more blogging than anything which I feel is a bit unfair to you all. I must say some days I am not even in the mood to blog but realize that without you reading it, I wouldn’t have some of these opportunities.

I got a new lens for my camera this month and I’m having so much fun with it. Can you tell the difference in the pics?

I’d love to hear what you think about my look as well!

Fall Beauty Talk! Event: Wish Warehouse

We enjoyed great beauty event at Wish Warehouse starting off the Fall with makeup trends that would be popular for this season. Jenni and Karian, both talented makeup artist in Houston, demonstrated colors and tips on how to blend and choose colors for your skin tone.
It was such a girly event and such a beautiful day. Guests shopped the boutique and drank a lovely cocktail. We had discussions about contour and what brushes to use to get that look we want. 
I had such a great time at this relaxed event! For more photos, click here!
 photo DSC_0142_zps5393c09f.jpg photo DSC_0137_zps4e623626.jpg photo DSC_0115_zpsc1b43d4d.jpg photo DSC_0145_zpsc390314f.jpg photo DSC_0120_zps2592de6a.jpg

Simply Yolanda: Beauty That Feels Better

There’s a new beauty line that has hit the scene. I had the pleasure of attending the launching of Yolanda Adam’s beauty line called Simply Yolanda. This woman, has her hands in EVERYTHING. Her music, her clothing line, and now… a beauty line that “improves the lives of others by improving the skin through products from high quality ingredients.”
You can imagine the life Yolanda Adams is living. Living a face-paced, high stress lifestyle and needing a product that has all her essential oils in one product. She felt a need to share a product that would “give the spa experience for less, while still solving common skincare issues.”
Experiencing the Simply Yolanda products were every woman’s dream. Massages, a chocolate fountain, a live band, and delicious food, were apart of the experience of knowing what type of woman is product is for. As I walked in the Simply Yolanda launch party, I felt like it was relaxed and inviting and I felt like it was about the customer, which is most important. 
 photo DSC_0003_zps6b8786cd.jpg photo DSC_0007_zpscde4b16c.jpg photo DSC_0008_zps416efdbd.jpg photo DSC_0027_zps24fc46ec.jpg photo DSC_0030_zps47850fda.jpg photo DSC_0038_zps65ad04cb.jpg
I had the pleasure of speaking to Yolanda Adams about her new beauty line. Here’s our short convo:

BOB: What inspired you to get in the beauty industry?
YA: Well, for me, it was a natural progression. I love for my skin to be in the best shape it can be in. And I found that there were products that were pretty harsh that I find that I need more moisturizing. So I said to my self, “Hmm, since there is a need, maybe I’m the one that’s supposed to fill it.” MDB group found a chemist and what oils and fragrances I wanted. I try my best to live as organic as I can. There are very few products that do that job of moisturizing the skin.

BOB: Do you think that Simply Yolanda is ONLY for Women of Color?
YA: I created for all women. I have all nations of fans so when people try the product I wont them to not think of it as a “color” brand, I want them to think of it as an authentic brand.

BOB: Why did you choose the name Love and Chocolate for your two body washes?
YA: Because those are the two things I love most in the world! I love 88% Dark Chocolate because I don’t like a lot of sugar.

BOB: I LOVE your dress (Wearing Herve Leger)! Who would you say your favorite designer is?
YA: Well,  Herve takes good care of me! But I can’t say one because I have 500 of them! I’m a Kevin Hall, Donna Karan, Mark Bower, Carolina Herra, ….we can just go on and on. I love color! It makes you feel wonderful!

If you are interested in Simply Yolanda, please go to simplyyolanda.com for more information about the products.

If you have tried Simply Yolanda, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Please leave them in the comment section!

Short On Words

 photo DSC_0088-1_zps2320cfdc.jpg photo DSC_0089-4_zps661d9166.jpg
Peplum Top: H&M (love this one.) | Crop pants: J.Crew (similar) | Kitten Heels: H&M (last summer) | Head Scarf: Thrifted | Watch: Michael Kors (here) | Choker Necklace: Aldo

Hey guys! I’ve been super busy lately! Hope you are having a good week so far. I’ll be out of town next week, so make sure you follow me on Instagram for my travels!

DIY Nails Event at @LangfordHouston Rice Village #NailedIt

 photo DSC_0070-4_zps98f7512a.jpg photo DSC_0064-1_zpscaa1c6b8.jpg photo DSC_0062-1_zps169cb68b.jpg photo DSC_0049-1_zpsc18eb813.jpg photo DSC_0077-2_zps2c36ad4b.jpg photo DSC_0128_zpse43bcbd0.jpg photo DSC_0054-3_zps2eecd694.jpg photo DSC_0158-1_zpsa5192707.jpg
 photo DSC_0109_zpsaa5afbb6.jpg

If there is one way to show your style without clothes, it has to be with your nail design! As you know, nail designs are so popular at the moment and everyone wants fabulous one of a kind nails. But who are these creative geniuses who knows how to draw on a curved nail? Well, Vikki Adams from Nail Mogul came to show us how we can do simple designs on our own nails at home. She also gave us tips on how to take care of our nails in between manicures. Guests asked her questions about other nail painting products such Shellac and Gel.

On Sunday May 26, Langford Market in Houston Rice Village location, asked me to host a Do-It-Yourself Nails Event in there store. Guests and shoppers got to learn about what tools to use to create simple designs such a polka dots and lines while adding gems and glitter to add interest. After Vikki’s demonstrations, four volunteers were asked to find a summer outfit inside the store. Once they found their favorite dress or shirt, they were asked to create a design. They all did a wonderful job! Each guest received a swag bag filled with the nail essentials such as a nail buffer, a dotting tool, and nail design brush, finger nail polish, nail design jewels, and shopping coupons.

 It was so much fun planning this event and seeing the ladies interact with each other! We had a lot of fun and I want to thank everyone who came and enjoyed themselves! Be on the lookout for more events that I will be hosting in the Houston area!

Special Thanks to Vikki Adams and Langford Market Rice Village!

Do you do your own nails? Have you tried designing me? Are you a have of the DIY nails?
Let me know in the comment section!

50,000+ Hits Giveaway: Thank you!

 photo DSC_0113-3_zps8ce82cfd.jpg photo DSC_0116_zps6cba1f3d.jpg photo DSC_0115-2_zps53d6e567.jpg photo DSC_0118_zps51e5dd80.jpg
Blouse: H&M (seen here) (similar)(similar) | Jeans: Zara | Bag: Gucci (WANT!) | Lipstick: MAC Ravishing (here)

While starting this blog, it was just my intention to be a HOBBY. To have something to get my creative juices out after my 9 to 5. To free my mind of the countless reports and the revolving C++ code circling in my brain. But when I hit 50,000+ visits last month, I was in total shock! Thank you again, for all of your support! I really hope that you find this website helpful, whether it’s me reviewing a company/product, or helping you with your outfit ideas. Since this is a milestone for me, I want to celebrate!

For my supports, I’ll be giving away TWO Designer iPhone 4/4S cases!

Here’s how to enter:
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2. In the pictures above, there are TWO things that are not the same. Can you find them? LOOK CLOSELY! Leave the answers in the comments below with your email address. 
CONTEST ENDS May 26, 2013

Please  use the same email address as you used to sign up for the blog! They must match to win! 🙂

Kate Spade Pardon My French iPhone 4/4S Case

Marc Jacobs StarDust Logo iPhone 4/4S Case

I’m so happy to be celebrating this milestone! Thanks again for your support and don’t forget that this is an interactive blog. I want to hear your thoughts and recommendations!

Spring eShakti Dress: Blue Riding Hood

 photo DSC_0016-4_zpsf82a2971.jpg photo DSC_0022-4_zps28b75042.jpg photo DSC_0007_zpsedc3b32f.jpg photo DSC_0012-2_zpsdd7618a9.jpg
Dress: c/o eShakti (similar) | Shoes: Aldo (want!) | Eye glasses: Gucci (love these!)
Some times you have to just enjoy a dress for what it is. Fit, texture, and comfort. I could have made this  dress some elaborate overdone getup, but I decided to let the dress speak for it self. This A-lined flare dress gives me a 1960’s vibe which is actually my favorite style era. It’s also very flattering for the waist. It helps bring you a natural curve shape without looking so 
I really love the fact that eShakti’s dress are perfect the way they are. I’m not trying to be boost your head, but I find their dresses are feminine enough to where there’s no need for all the extra dressings. 
any eShakti’s dress + fun shoe = feminine perfection.
Check out eShakti’s website for more colorful spring and summer looks!

Meet the Author: Christine Avanti of “Skinny Chicks Eat Real Food”

Hello Everyone! Since the new year, I have been trying my best to start becoming knowledgable about what’s going into my body. I have been learning in depth about organic and superfoods and how I can continue to incorporate them into my diet. I’ve also been paying attention to my portion control and even though sometimes I fall short, I try my best to get back on track. I’ve been researching tips on how to eat better and finding resources to help me continue those life changing tips!


Christine Avanti, Celebrity Nutritionist, will be hosting a “Sipping Skinny”event, at Haven Outdoor Patio in Houston, TX on May 1, 2013.
She will be at the event sharing her summer slim-down tips, which focus on simple wasys to builder better eating habits and debunking diet myths. She will be showcasing some of her new low-cal recipes along with low-calorie Skinny Vine wine. The guests will have a chance to meet with Christine one-on-one to learn more about how simple swaps can lead to better eating habits, which has helped her celeb clients like Chelsea Handler, Audrina Patridge, and Giuliana Rancic get their binkini bodies.

Christine’s philosophy centers on what she calls “real food” which are ingredients that are not artificially created or modified. She’s also a firm believer that it’s ok to indulge on treats like chocolate or wine. The key is keeping those indulges in moderation.


I’m so excited to read her book and can’t wait to tell you about the Skinny Vine wine. Of course I’m excited for that. A wine without all the calories? YES PLEASE! 🙂

What are some resources you are using to get more information about healthy eating? Have you read any of Christine’s books? Tell me down below in the comments!

Beautiful Textures Dinner #TeamTextured

Beautiful Textures invited top beauty bloggers in Houston, TX for dinner to discuss new products to it’s hair collection. Our three course dinner was served at The Restaurant at Royal Sonesta Hotel as new products from Beautiful Textures were displayed on our tables. 
As this was a more intimate setting, we were really able to discuss topics that were more open and also to ask more questions about the new products and how they can be used and styled with our hair textures.
Beauty Expert Kimberly Walker styled the models hair and also showed different ways you could use Curl Definer Mousse which is a product that can be used to define curls as well as a product that can be used to refresh your curls. The other featured new product was the Edges to Ends Silkener used smooth out edges and temples when wearing buns or ponytails. The Curl Definer Styling Custard is also a new product that can help with styling your curls and elongating your curls eliminating frizzy ends.
 photo DSC_0077-2_zpsc2951e86.jpg photo IMG_20130406_202919copy_zps42a07437.jpg photo DSC_0074-2_zpsc5338bd9.jpg photo DSC_0073-5_zps7e92e997.jpg
I really enjoyed the dinner and met some wonderful hair enthusiasts. I will be trying out these products as well and will let you know how my experience will be.
Thank you to Beautiful Textures for this opportunity!
Special thanks to The Garner Circle PR.
Have you tried any Beautiful Textures products? Let me know your experience!

African Pride Hair Care National Tour #UltimateBeautySocial

I was so delighted to have been invited (didn’t mean to rhyme!) to attend the African Pride Hair Care #UltimateBeautySocial National Tour as they stopped here in Houston, TX on April 6 at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. The guests at the event were treated with a nice brunch with mimosas that was hosted by HFB Founder and Blogger Shalanda of Live Life In Style, Natural Hair Blogger Tamara Floyd of Natural Hair Rules and Author Audrey Sivasothy of The Science Of Black Hair.
African Pride’s Content Director Camila Crews started the event with showcasing the African Pride products and how they can be used for your relaxed or natural. The models featured different hair styles using the products as well.

 Since I have been wearing braids, I have always had my African Pride Braid Spray but never thought about trying the other products for my natural hair. Here’s what grabbed my attention about the brand: The Olive Miracle and Shea Butter Miracle products. These African Pride products helps keep your hair strong by dramatically reducing breakage and dryness. African Shea butter, olive oil, and herbal oil extracts are some of the ingredients that highlighted for breakage and dryness.

 photo DSC_0038-3_zps9d75e0be.jpg photo DSC_0063-2_zps0f1cae53.jpg photo DSC_0040_zps5e400745.jpg photo DSC_0049-1_zps446342c0.jpg photo DSC_0052-1_zpsb3a26823.jpg
 photo DSC_0066_zps797d8659.jpg
Now that I am starting to take better care of my hair and trying to get to know exactly what my hair likes, I have realized there are so many products out there and these types of events helps the customer to become aware of these products and how they are beneficial. I am so excited to try these products! I will come back and let you all know how these products affect my hair.

This event was so helpful and it was informative hearing point of views about individual hair stories and encouragement to strive for HEALTHY hair!

Click here to see Contributor Krista’s beautiful natural hair.

Special thanks to Nicole Garner, CEO of The Garner Circle PR.

If you would like to purchase products, click here.

Have you tried any of African Pride’s products? Will you purchase again? Let me know!