HOW to manage Blogger Burnout

How I Managed My Blogger Burnout

Blogger Burnout is real. So real that I seriously felt like it was never going to go away. Where was my spunk, my excitement, my ambition? I felt totally uninspired and had the "who cares?" attitude. The thing is, Brittany always cares. She cares too much. And now that she doesn't, anxiety is at an ...

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Brilliance Of B Neutral November collage outfits

#NeutralNovember: Freestyle

We have FINALLY come to an end of the Neutral November Style Challenge! Click here to see Day 29! Always remember that you can never go wrong with the basic and neutral colors of ANY style clothing. You WILL feel confident and stylish. First time here? Need a Wardrobe Refresh? Make sure you sign up to receive the ...

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#NeutralNovember: Fringe

Fringe is in this SEASON! I only own two pieces in my closet that feature fringe. If you remember this post, I got it from H&M and it was the best purchase ever. But looking at how I need a fringe skirt, heels, and another bag in my life, I thought I would give you ...

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#NeutralNovember: Animal Print

Can Animal Print be a neutral? What do you think? I'm doing a #throwbackthursday look with this part of the challenge. Remember this post? When I wore this, I was thinking maybe I should I have kept it safe by wearing black heels and adding a black bag. Instead, I decided to focus on using the ...

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#NeutralNovember: Jeans

Were you surprised to see Jeans on this list? Of course the OCD inside of me said, "Why on earth are you putting jeans on this list?" But honestly, I had realize that it is a neutral and we pair them with EVERYTHING. See Shirley here. She looks exquisite. Don't you think? Click here for Day ...

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#NeutralNovember: Under $50

Day 26 is showcasing neutral style on a budget. Don't believe the hype of spending ALL your hard earned money on black blazers, brown boots, grey coats, and white tank tops. Always look for the deal and buy multiples. Click here to see day 25!   Which is your favorite? Shop below! // < ![CDATA[ !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p; ...

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Neutral November Dannika Wardrobe beige outfit

#NeutralNovember: Tan & Beige

Day 25 is highlighting a neutral but not so neutral on melanin popping skin. AND I LOVE THE CONTRAST! I stumbled upon Dannika's tweet with this look and can you say funky and fresh! I love way she styled her boots; keeping it simple with the boots doing all the talking. Her blue streaks complement ...

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#NeutralNovember: Black Bottom/White Top

Day 24 is here! Pairing a white lace top with leather pants is a go to outfit to look chic and modern. What I love about this is brown tones added in the accessories. It instantly makes this look feel more boho casual and can easily become chic by adding black boots and a leather ...

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#NeutralNovember: Work Attire

Day 23 is all about showing your neutral style at work! Check out how Nia looks so well put together in her "all grey everything" outfit. She looks ready for business! This look commands the room and shows she is in charge and ready for whatever hits her desk. The grey coat with the faux ...

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#NeutralNovember: White Blazer

Day 22 is a necessity to add to your wardrobe. A white blazer freshens up your look and is a grey alternative to the "oh-so-famous" black blazer. Folake does NO WRONG in her white blazer, distressed jeans, and white toe-capped heels. Click here for day 21! Shop the look below: // < ![CDATA[ !function(doc,s,id){ var e, p; if(!doc.getElementById(id)) ...

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Grey Over The Knee Boots

#NeutralNovember: Black & Grey

Day 21!  Adding some OTK grey boots to your all black ensemble makes this outfit casual for shopping. I've had these grey boots for YEARS. I got them on sell at Zara when I first discovered the store. Check out these grey boots too! Click here for Day 20! Shop the look below: // < ![CDATA[ !function(doc,s,id){ var ...

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#NeutralNovember: Stripes

Day 20 is another pattern that needs to be in your wardrobe. Stripes: can be used for your "non-neutral" days and especially for those day where you want to wear a chic and simple look, like Jessica. Her dress is a MUST for every season. I'm looking to purchase a striped short dress right now! Click ...

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