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Blogging is apart of my income. I am passionate about writing and allowing the quality of my photos to support the story for my readers. Please provide offers that will enhance the nature and niche of this website. I accept fashion and beauty affiliates as those are the majority of my posts. Please contact me for bulk sponsorship opportunities that will help your campaign.

If you are a brand that would like me to send me products to review, please email me! Please allow me to select the products or clothing that I know my readers will be attracted to. If the product review is not accompanied with a sponsorship, I may add links to similar options or products and I will post on my own time. Sponsor posts will receive priority. These opportunities will be fully disclosed to my readers. All items received from brands and PR representatives will be disclosed as such per the FTC Guidelines with “c/o” which indicates ‘courtesy of’. Occasionally, I will accept sponsored posts with my custom content ONLY. This website does NOT accept pre-written content.

If you would like to partner for a campaign, please contact me for my media kit.


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