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Brilliant Bumble Bee Baby


Hey guys! I’ve missed you so much! I know.. I know.. it’s been a while! Let me catch you up…

Being a Mommy.

But you know that though. I’ve been trying to soak this first year in as much as possible. I always used to hear people say that they missed the baby smell and the babbles. I try my best to come home from work and soak in the love I missed out on during the day. So, I’m in Mommy mode with all of my extra time.

Sweet T just made her 1st Birthday! We had such a lovely party for her. I quickly learned that her next “big” party will be when she’s 5 years old. It was hectic! But everyone had a good time. They say the 1st birthday party is for the adults and it rang true. She was the cutest bumble bee ever!

My grandmother passed away.

I saw her last October and told her I’d see her Christmas. God decided that she would be our angel on Christmas Eve. It hit me like a ton of bricks. With the emotions of being a new mother colliding with a lost from our family. Her birthday is coming soon as well, so I’m feeling the anxiety that she won’t be here. Pray for me!

Name change.

It was time. I’ve had “BrillianceOfB” for 7 years! I wanted to change the name of this blog 2 years ago, but I couldn’t decide on a name. This blog will still be about style, fashion, and beauty with sprinkles of travel, blogging, motherhood, and lifestyle posts. I hope you still stick around!

I’m excited to for this new journey. Honestly, I’ve made it a plan to bring you more content so make sure to comment and let me know what you think!

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Fashion at The Houston Galleria FW16 Luxe Show

I’m always super excited about this fashion show when it comes to Houston. It is such a star filled event and the fashion is “see now buy now”. This fashion show also gives me real life style inspiration to rock during the Fall season.


Top: Ross // Skirt: Burlington // Shoes: Ross // Clutch: Topshop // Earrings: Versona Accessories

Trevor Morris Houston

Grey Suit: Men’s Warehouse // Shirt: Express // Tie: Dillards // Shoes: Aldo

The Mister and I dressed up for a night out without the little one. 🙂 What do you think of our outfits?

I especially loved my earrings for the night. They were gifted to me by Versona Accessories. I will definitely be wearing them over and over again for the Fall season.

Natural Hair Curls Statement Earrings

We even got a chance to see The Houston Texans star DeAndre Hopkins! He is definitely the most stylish player on the team.

DeAndre Hopkins Fashion Houston

Here’s a little video of our night out.

We had such a wonderful time!
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The Basics You Need To Start Your Blog

The Basics To Start Your Blog

Everyone thinks that blogging is easy. It’s definitely not. It takes strategy, dedication, and time to make the best out of it. But you need to have the basics before you can even think that far. I’ve been asked several times on how to start one, but that’s always so difficult for me to answer instead of the typical “Just start” answer. So I wanted to share what REAL resources you need to start a blog.

Access to Technology

First things first is you need some sort of device. Whether it’s a laptop, desktop, tablet or even your cell phone, you need a dependable gadget that you can write from. There have been times where I’ve blogged from my cellphone because I need to get a post out for the week. My photos were already uploaded, but I needed to add a bit more content to the post and I could post right from my phone. Don’t knock it until you try it.

Blogging Platform

There are so many but the ones I recommend are WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, Tumblr, and Medium. It’s a “pick your own poison” situation, as all are different but effective. These five platforms are different but the same in getting content to your readers. Do your research and explore the blogs that are housed on each of these platforms.

Web Hosting Provider

A web hosting provider is basically a housing place for your website such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, or HostGator. These companies give your website the space it needs to be on the Internet.


The Basics You Need To Start A Blog

Pick a subject or niche

What do you like? What’s your favorite sport? What is your life revolved around? What are your favorite restaurants? Do you have a skill or talent? Are you a mother? A father? What is your lifestyle like? What opinions or solutions do you have to share with your potential audience?

At least one Social Media account

In order for people to read it, you have to share it. I’d suggest you start with Facebook. Send your blog post to your family and allow them to share it with their network.

Take a good look at these basics principles and you will be on your way to the blogging community. You have plenty of time to think about strategy and increasing your views. First, fall in love with your niche and learn the behind the scenes of your blog. As your blog continues to grow, you will be abreast to the technology that goes along with this community as well as giving valuable information that you enjoy!

Want more advice about blogging? Comment below on what you want me to cover!

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Life As I Know It

My organizational skills include being the lead person on numerous software releases and being accountable for maintaining issues and solving solutions in a timely manner. As a Web Content Manager, I am responsible for the IT decisions for our company as well as the Content and Digital Creator for this dynamic website. I negotiated costs to help maintain budgets and I provided the best option for the organization. Customers and Chairpersons depend on me to lead them in the right direction on properly using the website to achieve their needs. Managing digital content on different platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, and various social media websites and applications, has taught me the importance of engaging clients. I make sure the content is engaging and serving the purpose of the overall initiative of the company.


white sleeveless blazer

Blouse: Zara // Pants: Topshop // Shoes: Zara // Sleeveless Blazer: Macy’s // Bag: Zara (similar)

At this very moment, there are a LOT of adversities coming my way. Some that make me really want to lose my religion. Seriously.

My friend and I were talking this weekend about how we always have to be the bigger person. We always have to think the whole situation through and become the person who makes the overall “good” decision and turn the other cheek.

We often wonder how people hurt us and continue on with their lives like they just didn’t. We wonder why it’s happening to us and what we did to deserve it. But I’m reminded that sometimes God is transitioning your mind and your wisdom. He’s allowing you to see that it’s time to move forward and to respect the shift that he is allowing to happen in your life. What once was a blessing has ran it’s course and it’s time to go forth.

That’s what I’m learning now. That things happen just because it’s time to move.

Asking for prayers as I finish this week! Thanks sweethearts.

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Shop For Your Fall Accessories at Versona!

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I love accessories. They are the cream to my coffee and the glaze to my Krispy Kreme donuts. Yes.

Versona Accessories treated me to check out their store before their 2016 Fall Lookbook launch. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, sunglasses AND clothes are what you can find at the beautiful store.



I bought some dainty jewelry that will add interest to my everyday looks. I even grabbed a new pair of sunglasses! Their sunglasses section is seriously a must see.




Thanks so much to Versona Accessories for having me come out!

Make sure you check out the NEW FALL LOOKBOOK at Versona Accessories. If you are in the Houston area, make an appointment soon at Willowbrook Mall. Tell them I sent you! 🙂

Click the photo below to view the Fall Lookbook at Versona Accessories.









How To Wear White Pants In The Fall



Hey guys! Let me first say that I haven’t worn heels in FOREVER. lol Since becoming a Mommy and postpartum, my feet has to get used to my heels again. Pray for me!

Anyway, getting in these Gap Jeans were a blessing! I’m so excited I can still (comfortably) wear my “before pregnancy” clothes. I still have work to do though. When they say your body feel’s different after baby, it’s the truth.

But I’m so excited for Fall! Since I wasn’t able to wear most of my clothes for about 10 months, I’m wearing ALL of my summer things in the Fall this season. And I’m starting with these white jeans. Here’s how you can wear your white jeans this Fall:

Forget about the rule “No white after Labor Day.”

Get rid of it. Seriously, you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want. I actually like white after Labor Day. It gives me a break from wearing black all the time. Change it up and wear your white jeans with your black booties and a black knit sweater. Trust me. No one will say anything. And if they do, ask them why haven’t they caught up with the rest of the world.

Pair your white jeans with dark Fall hues.

Like I did here. This top is in a coveted Fall color that you will be seeing nonstop this season. I’d also recommend wearing military green, orange, and navy blue with white jeans. I will be wearing these more this season and I can’t wait to show you how to style it.

Transition your jeans with summer tops.

Like this maroon off-the-shoulder top. Super cute right?! And you wouldn’t be able to guess where I got it from. ROSS! I forgot how much I love that store and it’s prices. Now that my mom is here, she has been showing me all the gems that I never go in.



Off-the-Shoulder Top: Ross // White Jeans: Gap // Red Strappy Heels: Zara // Sunglasses: Versona Accessories // Bag: ON SALE!! HERE // Watch: HERE

Would you dare wear your white jeans this Fall? Let me know in the comments!

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How to Wear White Pants In the Fall Season

















3 Ways To Shop Your Wardrobe for Maternity Wear

Maternity Style can be a double edge sword when it comes to wearing such expensive clothes for less than a year. My maternity wear was really all about comfort. I made sure I only pulled pieces from my wardrobe that would be flowy, stretchy, and made my bump look good. I didn’t want to shell out money for clothes that I wouldn’t be looking at again anytime soon. I seriously don’t know how I made it 38 weeks without buying a single maternity garment, but I did! And you can too with this simple steps ahead.

Here’s my 3 surefire, money saving ways to shop your closet for possible maternity wear during those fast (but long) 9 months:

1. Sort Your Flexible Bottoms.

Never noticed how much I had flexible options in my closet. I was so thankful that I had printed trousers or joggers that could dress up or down during the week. I paired my bandage skirts with flowy tops. Making sure you have transitional pants and skirts and pairing them with different tops is the perfect combo for maternity wear.

2. Find your oversize or flowy tops.

Pairing leggings with your oversize shirts will balance the size of your belly. These style tops are  perfect for those days you don’t want to feel restricted around your belly as well.  Add tennis shoes and you have an outfit that’s comfortable and cute.

3. Wear transitional dresses.

This was my go to. Being pregnant in the summer (in Texas) was already something I didn’t look forward to, so the less clothing I had to think about or layer, the better! I went with more “tight-fitting” dresses to show off my bump!

Honestly, to get through your pregnancy without buying maternity, you have to think of the basics. Loose fitting tops, fitted dresses, leggings, comfortable shoes are the key keeping your style in tact. Using these tips will make those months more about learning about baby!

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My Birth Story

LittleMissTaryn - Brilliance Of B

LittleMissTaryn - Brilliance Of B

LittleMissTaryn - Brilliance Of B

LittleMissTaryn - Baby - Brilliance Of B

First Family Photo - Brilliance Of B

I’d never dreamed I’d experience the blessing of giving birth.  My life enhanced in a matter of minutes. Once I heard that soft little cry, my heart melted. She’s my little angel. 🙂

Welcome Little Miss Taryn!

Taryn arrived on Monday, July 11, 2016 at 2:30pm 6lbs 9oz and 19 3/4 inches at 38weeks. My Due date was 7/25/2016.

Snapshot of My Birth Story

Here’s a few highlights of that weekend:

  • Had a family reunion that weekend and my husband and I both hosted it. Was literally on my feet from Thursday-Sunday! So glad it was an active weekend because I was getting so nervous about giving birth. A tip I learned was to make myself so busy that I wouldn’t think about how the delivery.
  • Feet were swollen for the first time EVER on that Friday.
  • I was having on and off contractions Sunday after breakfast and a nap.
  • Sunday evening before the last family members left town, we took them to a Cajun restaurant to eat.
  • Ate some SPICY Fried Alligator at the restaurant and my water broke! Thank goodness I had on black pants and yay for spicy food making my water break! I’ve heard SO MANY wives tales as to how to make your water break and I AM A WITNESS. Spicy food for the win! lol
  • Husband was speeding to the hospital. Thank God traffic was light on this Sunday evening.
  • Admitted around 8pm Sunday. Contracted then induced until 5:50am. Epidural put in at 7:45am only for it to numb the RIGHT SIDE OF MY BODY. I was so upset!
  • They gave me a “cocktail” for the pain for my LEFT SIDE to stop hurting. I was feeling EVERY piece of pain!
  • Cocktail wore off LEFT SIDE and I felt EVERY CONTRACTION while right side was completely numb.
  • Around 1:45pm felt MAJOR pressure.
  • Nurse said Anesthesiologist was coming to REDO my epidural. I said HECK NO! I was already in pain and I didn’t want to go through anymore of it in my back.
  • Told nurse about the pressure and she checked me and said I could push if I wanted to. Was thoroughly confused at her request. lol But realized she wanted me to go ahead and start so I could get used to pushing.
  • Pushed through the contractions 4 times and on Monday at 2:30pm she was born!

I must say I am thankful that my delivery was quick (kinda). Being a First Time Mom, you can easily scare yourself with videos, mommy forums and other peoples experiences. You just have to have faith that everything is going to go well. Although, I wasn’t warned that you can get an epidural and it MIGHT not work, I still feel like I had a great delivery.

I thank you all for the well wishes for my family and I! More of Little Miss Taryn soon!

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Motherhood Weekend Wear


Natural Hair Pregnant

Pregnant Naturalista

Maternity Style

No red, no blue — just white! 4th of July (read: long hot weekend) is here and it’s pretty much relax day for this mama. This dress was hiding in my closet and I was shocked to be able to wear this. I actually bought this dress to wear in Barcelona but it didn’t make the cut. Win-win for this girl who hardly can find something to wear now that I’m nine months and counting!

I have a very interesting month ahead. My family will soon be here for a Family Reunion and waiting for my Baby Love’s debut. These past couple of days have been painful (more on that later) but I’m trying to make the best out of this. I’m hoping and praying for a safe delivery!

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful long weekend! Let me know what you think of this maternity look!

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Co Ed Baby Shower – Yellow, White and Gray

Our co-ed baby shower was Memorial Day Weekend held by my lovely friends Deon’Shay and Takishia. It was so wonderful. It was a small gathering but it was decorated beautifully and my friends and family participated and blessed us with so many gifts. My talented husband and gorgeous mother helped cook all the food. And of course, I can not forget the delicious cake, cake pops, cupcakes, and cookies my baker Bella Cibo made. My hosts had awesome games that interacted the women and men at our shower. They did such a wonderful job!

BabyShowerTableDecor Yellow

Baby Shower Decor Table Yellow Gray White

The tables had white linens with a grey embroidered table runner, with small silk yellow floral arrangements. Simple but such a pop of color!


The cake table was draped with yellow linen and chevron table runners to make the cake!


My lovely host, Deon’Shay created this Birth Sign for me to hang on the door of my hospital room!

Onesie Creation Baby Shower Game

Handmade Onesie Game

My other lovely host, Takishia, encouraged guest to create our baby girl a onesie design! EVERYONE loved it so much and I can’t wait to show you some photos of her wearing their designs.



Guys, it’s getting so REAL! Our baby girl will literally be here in 1 MONTH. We are preparing her room as I speak and getting everything organized for an easy transition once she gets here.

I am completely ready for her to get here now. Seriously we have one more month until she is here! Please wish us luck! 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed the photos!

PS – My lovely host Deon’shay created a SnapChat filter for my baby shower! Follow me on Snapchat: brillianceblog!

See the pictures below:

BabyShowerSnapchatGeofilter BabyShowerSnapchatGeofilter   BabyShowerSnapchatGeofilter    BabyShowerSnapchatGeofilter BabyShowerSnapchatGeofilter

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Valentine’s Day 2016 Recap

Valentine’s Day was a three day event for me this year. Especially with this being our last Valentine’s day before we gain a new love in our life. I was so thankful to have my new GlossyBox come in for our date night Saturday. It prepared me for a night out with the Mister.

And this box was so pretty! I swear GlossyBox has the most decorative boxes ever. I’ve never received a box so well put together. This will definitely be a box I keep for my decor for my office.



GlossyBoxMask Aloe Rescue

GlossyBoxGlamGlow Sample Tube


PoreProfessionalGlossyBox Sample



I call this box — Skin Prep! It had the perfect products to have your skin glowing throughout the night. The Mask, the Cleanser, and the Eye Gel hydrated my skin and allowed major moisture for my troublesome dryness.

The primer (which I forgot that I love!) and the lip balm were perfect for my beauty canvas.

Valentines Day Baby Bump Pregnant

I decided I wanted to dress up a bit for the dinner and a movie. I wore my colorful skirt that I had totally forgotten about. The Mister and I usually stay home for Lovers Day, but decided that we would only go where we could pick our seats and set reservations. I think it’s best to have a plan and not waiting until the last minute to plan for V-day!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Remember that self love is the most important love.

Tell me: What did you do for Lover’s Day?

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Longest Break Ever

Hey Boos!

Happy New Year! Can I tell you right now, that it feels so awkward coming back to blogging. It’s been such a roller coaster of emotions as I really contemplated on continuing this blogging journey. After an overcoming realization that “I’m not done yet”, I began to remember that I have a lot of things to accomplish with this little ole blog.

What happened?

After the blogger burnout, I needed a bigger break. This is the LONGEST (unintended) break I have ever taken from blogging. I literally had an anxiety attack in November and thought something was really wrong with me. I couldn’t believe how I let pressure from finishing “blog posts”, in-laws visiting for Thanksgiving, my parents coming for Christmas, Christmas shopping, and working at my 9-5, run my stress levels to an all time high. It’s not like I haven’t done this before. What the heck happened?

But then after the anxiety attack, I realized something. I was full of emotion, and when I’m full of emotion that usually means it’s that “time of the month”. Then I checked the calendar and noticed that I was a few days late. *big eyed emoji*

Life Changing Moment

And you guessed it — I’m pregnant!

*party emoji* *baby face emoji* LOL

Baby Sonogram

The Mister and I are super SUPER SUPER excited. At first I was in complete shock. More like a surreal-feeling of disbelief. But quickly realized that we prayed for this and God saw fit! The biggest blessing is to create a blessing.

I was so relieved that it wasn’t “me” per say that was beginning to feel unmotivated, clueless (literally), tired, and just down in the dumps. I realized that those feelings were the hormones. Yay hormones! *sarcastically*

I was reminded after listening to a sermon on the radio that when you find yourself in discouragement, it means that your biggest blessing is right around the corner. And knowing that, it has lifted my spirits. July 2016 my biggest blessings is coming!

Pregnancy Baby Announcement

Next Steps

I do still plan to blog and take outfit photos whenever I can. This growing belly is no joke though. So there will be outfit of the days, beauty, bump dates, lifestyle posts and more. And don’t forget to catch me on Snapchat! @brillianceblog *Might wanna go there now!*

Now that my life is changing, I hope you guys stay and enjoy this with me! I really appreciate you all for reading and be on the look out for a giveaway coming soon.

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