3 Ways To Shop Your Wardrobe for Maternity Wear

Maternity Style can be a double edge sword when it comes to wearing such expensive clothes for less than a year. My maternity wear was really all about comfort. I made sure I only pulled pieces from my wardrobe that would be flowy, stretchy, and made my bump look good. I didn’t want to shell out money for clothes that I wouldn’t be looking at again anytime soon. I seriously don’t know how I made it 38 weeks without buying a single maternity garment, but I did! And you can too with this simple steps ahead.

Here’s my 3 surefire, money saving ways to shop your closet for possible maternity wear during those fast (but long) 9 months:

1. Sort Your Flexible Bottoms.

Never noticed how much I had flexible options in my closet. I was so thankful that I had printed trousers or joggers that could dress up or down during the week. I paired my bandage skirts with flowy tops. Making sure you have transitional pants and skirts and pairing them with different tops is the perfect combo for maternity wear.

2. Find your oversize or flowy tops.

Pairing leggings with your oversize shirts will balance the size of your belly. These style tops are  perfect for those days you don’t want to feel restricted around your belly as well.  Add tennis shoes and you have an outfit that’s comfortable and cute.

3. Wear transitional dresses.

This was my go to. Being pregnant in the summer (in Texas) was already something I didn’t look forward to, so the less clothing I had to think about or layer, the better! I went with more “tight-fitting” dresses to show off my bump!

Honestly, to get through your pregnancy without buying maternity, you have to think of the basics. Loose fitting tops, fitted dresses, leggings, comfortable shoes are the key keeping your style in tact. Using these tips will make those months more about learning about baby!

Brilliance Of B - Houston Fashion Blogger