Co Ed Baby Shower – Yellow, White and Gray

Our co-ed baby shower was Memorial Day Weekend held by my lovely friends Deon’Shay and Takishia. It was so wonderful. It was a small gathering but it was decorated beautifully and my friends and family participated and blessed us with so many gifts. My talented husband and gorgeous mother helped cook all the food. And of course, I can not forget the delicious cake, cake pops, cupcakes, and cookies my baker Bella Cibo made. My hosts had awesome games that interacted the women and men at our shower. They did such a wonderful job!

BabyShowerTableDecor Yellow

Baby Shower Decor Table Yellow Gray White

The tables had white linens with a grey embroidered table runner, with small silk yellow floral arrangements. Simple but such a pop of color!


The cake table was draped with yellow linen and chevron table runners to make the cake!


My lovely host, Deon’Shay created this Birth Sign for me to hang on the door of my hospital room!

Onesie Creation Baby Shower Game

Handmade Onesie Game

My other lovely host, Takishia, encouraged guest to create our baby girl a onesie design! EVERYONE loved it so much and I can’t wait to show you some photos of her wearing their designs.



Guys, it’s getting so REAL! Our baby girl will literally be here in 1 MONTH. We are preparing her room as I speak and getting everything organized for an easy transition once she gets here.

I am completely ready for her to get here now. Seriously we have one more month until she is here! Please wish us luck! 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed the photos!

PS – My lovely host Deon’shay created a SnapChat filter for my baby shower! Follow me on Snapchat: brillianceblog!

See the pictures below:

BabyShowerSnapchatGeofilter BabyShowerSnapchatGeofilter   BabyShowerSnapchatGeofilter    BabyShowerSnapchatGeofilter BabyShowerSnapchatGeofilter

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  • So excited for you!!!!

  • Awww looks so cute! I love it when the Dads are included in the baby showers too. Congrats on your baby girl 🙂

    xo, mikéla /

  • This is adorable, I really love the yellow, white, and gray. Looks great. Congratulations, B!!!

    — Dara //