How I Managed My Blogger Burnout

Blogger Burnout is real. So real that I seriously felt like it was never going to go away. Where was my spunk, my excitement, my ambition? I felt totally uninspired and had the “who cares?” attitude. The thing is, Brittany always cares. She cares too much. And now that she doesn’t, anxiety is at an all time high.

HOW to manage Blogger Burnout

Why did this happen?

After Neutral November and posting everyday (kinda — ya know, burnout), it was just too much for me. I honestly think I could probably do it if I didn’t have a full-time job with other responsibilities. I was so excited to do Neutral November in mid October and probably should have started then. But anyway, mid-way through November, I was preparing my house for my in-laws for the holiday. It was just a lot going on. And during that time, I realized the WHY. Which is primarily the first step to understanding where the anxiety or burnout feeling came from.

I’m a Creative. I have so many ideas crammed in my brain about work, business, blogging and life. When I feel like I’m being pushed in a box, or if there isn’t enough time in the day to touch everything I care about, or I over-analyze my ideas, I feel stressed, anxious, and it sucks. And to make it worst, I have NO IDEA WHY. There’s no real reason other than “too much information in head”. I’m slowly chalking this up to self sabotage.  So here’s what I did to manage this burnout.

Take a Social Media Break

I was so surprised that I was able to do this. It was really the first thing that I had to do. Every time I looked at a screen (phone or laptop) I felt extreme anxiety. The only time I was ever using any technology was at work and when someone called me. That’s it. It was great to be able to be present in the moment and take in my surroundings instead of feeling like a prisoner to the my tech items.

Spend time with friends & family

Since this was during the holiday, of course I was able to really enjoy my friends and family. Cooking and having long conversations felt refreshing and connected. We laughed and cried. It made me realize that I just needed someone to talk to, to vent to, and to laugh with. It’s literally the simple things that make you feel so much better!

Write in a Gratitude Journal

About a year ago, I visited my friend in NYC during Fashion Week and he mentioned to me that he started writing down the things he was grateful for. He told me that doing this allowed him to be less stressed out and made him understand that he was okay. So I decided to try it and it has truly helped. I physically wrote down every day 3 new things I am grateful. Picking up a pen and paper to write was also something I felt like I haven’t done in a while which subsequently made me feel even better. I would read the things I wrote months ago and remember that I was okay. Sometimes I think about the future too much and sometimes the fix to my stress is being reminded of how far I have come.

Try Something New

After realizing I needed a break from blogging, I decided to try to clear my mind completely. I was feeling anxious at couldn’t understand why. I remember reading that breathing techniques would help with relieving anxiety. So, I spent my lunch breaks at work walking around the building. I was at home I would take deep breaths and stand outside in my backyard to listen and focus on sounds that were around me. This allowed me to relax and release all thoughts that were rambling through my brain.

Brilliance Of B Blogger Burnout

The key to this is to recognize that you indeed need a break and to be present in the moment as much as possible. Your ambition has not faded and you still are the Brilliant person you want to be. After you’ve tried this helpful tips, your blaze will return. Just remember to take it one day at a time and remember that EVERYONE needs a vacation!

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Have you ever suffered from Blogger Burnout? What did you do to get back to your old self?

Brilliance Of B - Houston Fashion Blogger

  • Such a great post! blogger burnout can be the worst! thanks for the tips!


  • I agree, taking some time from social media and even your blog can help bring back the creativity and real reason to why you started blogging in the first place. Great positive post and tips Brittany 🙂


    the way to my Hart

    • Thanks so much Jessica. It’s been difficult trying to get back into things.. but I’m slowly getting there.

  • Baby Shopaholic

    I’m so there! I just do what I can and live life.

    • Yes! I’m learning that day by day.

  • Going to a weekly schedule was the best thing I did. I tried posting every day at first and it was the worst. Now I have the time to produce better content and that’s all that matters in the end. Glad you took a step back from it all to find what works best for you.

    • I’m definitely going to get back into my weekly schedule plans. Thanks so much Tranae. Thanks so much for reading!