Protective Style Prep: Deep Conditioning My Natural Hair

OMG! This month has been a drastic one. I have been on 3 trips this month and I’m totally exhausted.

Deep Conditioning my hair is always a LONG process.  My hair is so thick that it needs the utmost tender love and care possible. Before I get extensions or my hair braided, I do this process to keep my hair strong and to prevent breakage during the protected style.

Deep Conditioning Products

Deep Conditioning Products

Here’s what I used for my recent deep conditioning method:

Tresemme Natural Nourishing Moisture Deep Conditioner

Nature’s Way Coconut Oil

Jamaican Mango & Lime Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Macadamia Natural Heating Oil Treatment

I normally would use Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera Juice to add a more moisture and strength to my hair, but I was out of it.

Step 1: Mix It Up

There is NEVER any measuring involved. I just make sure all of the ingredients are poured inside of a spray bottle with warm water and shake it up!


The consistency and look is a bit different, but it’s so easy to manage with my thick hair. I make sure I shake it really well before I apply it on my hair.

Step 2: Apply On Damp Hair

When I say damp, I really mean damp. I mist water on my hair before I start. I don’t submerge my hair in water before applying the deep conditioner at all. My hair is so thick that it needs to have some water in order for me to manipulate it.

Spray Bottle for Deep Conditioning Natural Hair

After coating my hair with the mixture, I use my fingers to gently massage the deep conditioner all of my hair until it is fully coated. I focus on getting the deep conditioner from root to ends.

Step 3: Cover with Foil Conditioning Cap

Since I don’t have a hooded blow dryer, I normally place a couple of clear shower caps on my hair for about 45 minutes to an hour, but I saw this foil conditioning cap and decided to try it.

Thermal Cap for Deep Conditioning Natural hair

Instead of being held hostage to a hooded blow dryer, I use this method to use my body heat to penetrate the mixture into my hair. This can easily be done with a normal shower cap as well.

After 45 mins to an hour, I get in the shower and rinse the mixture from my hair. That is when I begin my cleansing process. My hair felt soft and strong and my curls shined through!

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It literally takes a full day to do my hair sometimes, but the more I learn the better I can take care of it.

What do you do to make your hair feel strong?

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  • Janna M. Hall

    Nice conditioning cocktail! Did you notice a difference between the clear caps and the foil conditioning cap?


    • Thanks Janna! I really didn’t. I think I prefer the clear caps instead though!

  • Your hair is gorgeous!

    xo Tiffany |