3 Ways To Boost Your Confidence

 Confidence is a fragile component that we should protect. It can be compromised by the slightest things. When it comes to work, relationships, or even our dreams our minds can shift and discourage us. It takes recognizing when your confidence is dropping and rectifying the situation so that your confidence is not skewed.


Find what you are great at.

Everyone feels great when they KNOW what they are doing and when PEOPLE know that they can do it. Write down a list of things people come to you for. Some may be talents and some may be skills you provide, but remember that the smallest thing you do may be life changing to others. So don’t knock or ignore ANY of your God-given gifts.

Accept what you are not great at.

I made this a point all by itself, because it’s that important. For real. Accept it and move on. Some people are good at what they are good at. And that’s okay if you are not. Once you master this step, it will be life changing. Focusing on what you are not good at only stops you from mastering what you were meant to do.

Affirm and Believe.

Thinking and SAYING positive things daily makes an impact on your confidence. Driving the doubt-filled thoughts and words out of your mind will produce self-esteem and launch you to greatness. Say out loud that you are great and you will succeed. Say you won’t stop until it’s complete. But we all know it’s easy to say things. You have to believe. It starts with faith.

I hope this has helped you find your way to greatness. Let’s remember to enjoy life and not worry about what others think. If no one believes in you, remember I do!

 What are some ways you boost your confidence?

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