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As I reflect on Black History Month, there have been many profound people in Black history that have done wonderful things. I’ve admired those who marched, worked, and set examples for the black community. But then, I ponder on my history. The people who touched my life; who molded me with values and aspirations.

As you can see from the picture above, she is always full of laughter and enjoys a good party!

Building a Financial Legacy

My maternal grandmother has set so many aspirations in our family. Being a teacher in a small town for more than 30+ years, she has a natural instinct to learn and be involved. After several years of working with the youth in my community, she began to tell stories at our local library. Her favorite storytelling book was “The Rabbit and the Briar Patch“. She has traveled all across the world and she’s apart of a sorority that has done amazing things throughout history, which inspired me to join as well.

Zeta Legacy

Through her dedication to the community and faithfulness to her family, I hope to inspire others and my children to do the same to continue the legacy of our family. My grandmother has led me and my family to become the people we are today and she has empowered me to create a legacy for tomorrow. Join me and MassMutual in celebrating Black History Month this February. Follow along and share your own story in the comments section below or on Facebook/Twitter with MassMutual using #JourneyOfYou.


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