Christmas Wishlist 2014

Christmas Wish List 2014



For the first time in a long time, I am so ready for the holidays. I usually start preparing around the second week in December which always feels rushed and last minute. This year, I’m feeling more in the spirit and looking forward to spending time with family. I’m preparing my list of gifts to give and outfits for those Christmas parties that are coming up (I’ll have a post coming to show you some affordable ones.) I haven’t been able to do any shopping quite yet, but I’m excited to get out and do some damage.


one // I’m in the process of clearing out my closet and I have too many bags that I’m just not in love with anymore. So, I’m spending my coins on something that I can wear literally forever. Hopefully Santa (The Mister) can surprise me with this one.


two // So yea… this is all the way SOLD OUT and I’m so upset I didn’t get it earlier. But I have Lorac Pro Palette 1 & Lorac Pro Palette 2 and it will just have to do. Would you like to see a makeup look from either of these palettes? Let me know in the comments below.


three // I’m like a dog seeing squirrel when I see a Starbucks within my distance. Lately, I’ve been treating myself with more than enough Oprah Teavana Chai Tea Latte’s and have since then decided I must become a loyalty member to get the perks. My other favorite is the Tazo Zen Green Tea which is need a least once a week. Hopefully I’ll get a few gift cards under the tree!


four // If you remember this post, then you this has to be a shock. I’ve sworn against getting an electric toothbrush just because there’s nothing like breaking open a fresh toothbrush, but with this drinking of so much tea, my teeth are staining and I can’t have that. So I’ve opted for the best of the best. Read wonderful reviews on this toothbrush and can’t wait to try it.


I may do another wish list on some clothing items I’ve been eyeing. Be on the look out!


What’s on your Christmas List? Please share so that I can add more to mine! 🙂


  • I love Oprah Chais! They’re sooo good. and yes the Starbucks rewards program is the best! How are you just getting in on it? Lol. I should have told you sooner 😉

    • I know right! lol Girl, I think I’m addicted. I have the app on my phone now so I won’t miss any opportunity getting those points!