4 Things Oprah Taught Me at #LifeYouWantTour


I still can’t believe that I was literally that close to Oprah. The Billionaire Oprah. The Oprah who has her own (no pun-intended) TV network, magazine, books, and more. What was so amazing is that seeing her made me realize that she’s just like me. Mississippi girl trying to fulfill her dream of what she always knew was inside of her.

Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend Houston

Friday night was all about Oprah. She shared her life and how she knew she was suppose to be doing more than what her loved ones were. She shared her ups and downs; highs and lows. She made you feel her pain and her gains. She was open, honest, and truthful of her feelings through the major points in her life. With this, she shared her humbleness in conjunction of patting herself on the back.

Saturday, we got to experience the “Life Trailblazers” which consisted of  Iyanla Vanzant, Rob Bell, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Deepak Chopra. Each of these impactful leaders shared their story and what to do when we face circumstances. They were uplifting and gave us pointers on what life can teach us.

Although I took a lot of things from this experience, there are a few nuggets I’d like to share with you that everyone needs a remember.

1. It doesn’t matter where you come from– success is up to you.

Hearing her story about her living in Mississippi with her grandmother and moving from state to state. She knew she was meant for greater and there was nothing that was going to stop her. You are not defined by your address.

2. Knowing yourself is the ultimate key to happiness. Don’t let anyone tell you who you are. Even if you are on the witness stand. 

Oprah mentioned that she made a comment about a hamburger and was sued because of it. As she sat on the stand, she was berated because of her statement. She then realized that she was not who they were making her out to be and she didn’t accept what they said about her. Sometimes you have to refuse the negative words that come from others about you. Rebuke those words that don’t fit your character.

3. Listen to the whisper.

Ever been in a situation where things were falling apart, but then you got a feeling that you knew it was going to happen? Yeah. I’ve been there. Oprah reminded us to listen to the whisper before it become a cry for help.

4. You only need one good friend.

Oprah made a point to remind us that you don’t need an army behind you to make an impact. Having friends can be good, but having one GOOD friend is essential in times of need. Gayle King and Oprah have been friends for YEARS. They support each other and Gayle was actually an attendee during this Life You Want Tour. I got a glimpse of her sitting front row cheering her friend on.

1DSC_0775 1DSC_0778

And can we talk about Oprah’s outfit?! This yellow frock was swaying done the stage. It was so beautiful and wen’t wonderful with the theme. It literally fit her perfectly. I love the color on her skin tone!

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  • Whitney Jones

    Oprah looks great!! I love the nugget about only needing ONE friend. I completely agree with that statement. But, I think that where a lot of us go wrong at, we pick the WRONG friend to be THAT friend.