#PWATParty: Painting With A Twist

One of the highlights from last week was experiencing the activity that every woman I know loves – speed painting with WINE. Great combination huh? First of all, why is this so dang gone fun? I would have  never thought it would be and became extremely nervous that I would be terrible at this, but it turn out great!

DSC_0005 DSC_0007 DSC_0031 DSC_0038   DSC_0042

A few local bloggers were invited to a media event to experience Painting With A Twist, the original paint and sip chain, to explore how the industry came about and how we could leave there with a beautiful painting. Cathy and Renee discovered the new industry as stay-at-home moms living in New Orleans wanting to create something that would benefit others. Both being coordinators for other initiative, they decided to collaborate and start this talked about and exciting way to disconnect from FB, Twitter and other social media accesses we are attached to everyday. It was time to get the fun back in being in the company of others and learning a new skill.

I had a wonderful time at Painting With A Twist in the Woodlands! Thank to FishmanPR, Cathy Deano, Renee Maloney, Algy and Kermie for having all of us!



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