How To: Pack for a Weekend Beach Trip

How to pack for a weekend beach trip

You (I) have been waiting for this trip! Finally a chance to get away from the stress and finally get your feet in the sand. My husband and I are visiting family this weekend in Tampa and plan to make this a vacation trip for his hectic days at work since he hasn’t been able to take off lately. So here’s what’s coming with me to make this trip a breeze.

What to pack

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These are the picks below that I think you can get your variety for your beach trip

2 dresses (1 for a casual setting and the other to wear after your swim in the ocean)

2 pair of sandals (1 for casual and 1 for the beach)

1 pair of shoes (Just in case a rain storm comes. I hate to get my feet wet!)

1 Cardigan (Just in case it gets cooler at night)

1 pair of shorts

1 shirt


Cover up

Beach towel

Now when it comes to beauty/health products, these items are essential:



Hair tie



For face products, there’s always a code I stick to when going on a weekend trip: necessities only! Why bring a thousands products that you don’t use everyday anyway? I’m pretty attached to some of my makeup products so I found myself overpacking because of this. Here’s what I’m bringing with me:

Light foundation/BB Cream (whichever you prefer)

Waterproof Concealer

Waterproof Mascara



Face Cleanser

Makeup Remover Wipes

Moisturizer with SPF

Chapstick with SPF

And don’t forget your night clothes and undies. That would be tragic! lol The only thing I didn’t mention is shampoo and conditioner and other styling products or tools. Hopefully your hotel or your living arrangements have toiletries that can accommodate your stay!

Hope you have a wonderful trip and come back to see pictures of my beach trip SOON!


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