vBeautè Day Job: Sunscreen for Dark Skin

Sunscreen is one of the most important yet SKIPPED steps I know a lot of people do. Including myself. And really the only time I did use it was when I was with someone who had it. Then when I met my husband (because he’s a light bright), he had to have it or he’ll be peeling before the day ended. All to which led me to be more conscience about it.


At the beginning of Spring, I was invited to check out a new beauty line called vBeaute and owner Julie Macklowe at Soft Surroundings Town and Country Houston. I was so grateful to get to speak with her about how she created her beauty line and also her convenient travel anti-age skincare kit, It Kit which symbolized her run in with TSA during a trip. She tested a few products on me such as the vBeaute Vain Lip Spread which was the bomb. Then I mentioned to her I was looking for a light moisturizer with SPF and she recommended the vBeaute Day Job.

The first thing I noticed about this moisturizer is it does not leave a white or gray cast on my skin. Which is a win all around for dark complexions. The second thing is that it doesn’t take forever to blend. Which is also a major win. Adding sunscreen to your beauty regimen won’t feel like a hassle anymore. Just replace this product with your moisturizer and you are good to go!

vBeaute Takeaways:




Acts as a primer or moisturizer before makeup.

SPF 30.

A little goes a long way.

DSC_0774   DSC_0778

Go ahead and try this product. Purchase it here.


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