Top 7 Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

Top Spring/Summer Trends for 2014

I see these EVERYWHERE now and these are a truly hit for me. Every fashionista I know is at least talking about 3 of these trends they will be sporting for Spring. How long will these all be in style? Who knows, but they are getting a lot of lip service right now.

Open-toed, closed toed, simple, classic is what this shoe entails. The disappearing heel is what makes the shoe unique and eye catching for its interest.

This color palette is perfect for the season. Try these hues with white to brighten your outfit for those gloomy and rainy Spring days.

Orange (beauty)
Countless of models, actresses and socialites have been wearing orange pouts. I’m so glad I have Morange by MAC (seen here) in my makeup collection!

This high school memory is back! I remember when I had a pair of these in my younger years. These are perfect for those relaxed days enjoying the sun at the park!
Chunky Heels
This modern “mod” trend is straight from the 1960s. Only difference is the height of the heel. Perfect for your simple sundresses!

Although I loved this trend last year (seen here), I’m excited that it is full on for Spring 2014. A different take take on animal print. Love it!

This fabric saves time on ironing and is ready to wear! Love it for structured looks. Great texture to add to your wardrobe!

Which one of these are you excited to try this year? I’d love to know what you think!