@MyVO5 #AScentIsBorn Campaign 2014: Houston Blogger Luncheon

Ever wish you could experience the making of your favorite product and pick the scent to match?
Earlier this week, VO5 hosted a three course blogger luncheon at Artisans to get our opinion on the top three floral/fruity scents chosen for  the new shampoo and conditioner for their brand.

Everyone knows that VO5 is known for their amazingly affordable wonderful scents to each of their colorful shampoos and conditioner products. I learned so much about VO5 history and how it became so popular. Did you know that the “5” in VO5 meant the five essentials oils? This includes Vitamin E, C, H, B5, and B3. Some of their products are also enriched with 11 Revitalizing oils that make your hair feel very soft and hydrated. Their mantra is “Understanding the beauty of women!”

We were introduced and welcomed by a VO5 Representative that explained the vision of the new scent as well as a Firmenich Representative (company rep. mastering in fragrances, flavors, and ingredients for your favorite perfumes and flavors) to describe our role in the process. It’s so exciting because you guys will be able to choose which scent you love best!

Here’s the rundown on the scents:

Floral #1: This scent automatically made me think of fabric softener. Is that a bad thing? NOT AT ALL! Especially for me. I love fresh scents and I love fresh flowers. This scent included sunflower, jasmine and musk which I picked up quickly.

Floral #2: This scent was nothing but fruity. That’s all I smelled. It was a stronger scent and reminded me of a tropical drink. It had scents of white peach, apple and amber.

Floral #3: This is was not my favorite as it was fruity as well. Also remind me of a “woodsy” smell. I dislike cherries and new that the scent was definitely derived from it. This scent was accented with cherries, strawberries, and raspberry jasmine. The vanilla was very much in this scent as well.

By looking at the charts above, which scent would you choose? Comment below and be on the lookout for voting here!