Skincare 2014: Origins Plantscription Giftset

Plantscription Origins Giftset: (Buy here)
One of my new year goals was to invest in quality products for my skin. Now that I’m getting older, I want to prevent breakouts and wrinkles and manage the elasticity of my skin. I heard amazing things about this brand and I was a bit scared to commit to the full size products. So I searched high and low for this gift set. I finally found it when I traveled to Calgary, Canada in the department store called Hudson’s Bay. Hudson’s Bay is one of the top department stores in Canada. It’s very comparable to Nordstrom.

My skin-type is very dry and I had such an “ah-ha” moment when I realized that the products that I used before were good but not the BEST for my skin type. Now I know it’s only been a month since using Origins, but here me out.

The thing that struck a cord in my brain about clear, gel like products is that THEY SUCK FOR DRY SKIN.

Clear, gel like products deeply cleanse your skin, hair, and body. I had to go back to those days when I was using Neutrogena Acne Cleanser (which I didn’t have much acne though) and the dry masked feeling I used to have when I washed my face with it. WHY WAS I DOING THAT?
And to top it off, I used a clarifying shampoo recently (clear, gel like product) on my natural hair which stripped the oils out while cleansing.
That’s what clear, gel like products do. CLARIFY.

So that brings me to the point of why I love the Origins’ Plantscription Anti-aging Cleanser so much. It’s creamy goodness and leaves my face feeling squeaky clean without my face feeling like it’s going to crack after the washing. I love it.

Let’s just say the other products that came in the gift set are just as good as the cleanser. It’s that good. Go ahead and buy it and tell me what you think.

Have you tried Origins’ products before? What was your experience?

  • I’ve heard such great things about Origins skin care products, but have never tried them. I’m glad they worked out for you! I might have to give some of these items a shot one day.