31 Days of Vegetarian: First Week Update

 Initially, when you think of not eating meat with your meals you tend PANIC. As I did the first couple of days like, “What the heck am I supposed to eat?” And then you start to choose unhealthy options like spinach dip, fried cheese sticks, and all kinds of processed foods.

PLANNING is KEY! Planning out your meals that you know will fill your stomach and prepping for the next meal is what made this week successful.

After realizing it was a bad idea to eat junk, I made my black bean recipe, creamy tomato soup, green smoothies and bruschetta!
Here’s the RAW UNCUT madness and information learned from the first week:
Sorry for the quality! I’m working on it. The next video should be better for viewing. 🙂

  • Wishing u much success with your new vegan lifestyle;)