New Year Challenge: 31 Days Vegetarian

Now that I have eaten all the fleshy foods I wanted for the holidays, it’s time to give this body a break from it. To be quite honest, for the past few years I have been slowly escaping the fact that I have to have meat with my meals. One of the reason is the fact that BEEF hates me. Seriously. 

I feel like every time I smell it, I want it, but after eating it I feel HORRIBLE. I have had some not so pretty episodes after eating beef and decided a year ago to just let it go. During that time I also noticed that chicken was a hit or miss sometimes, which gave me the idea to go vegetarian.  
I love shrimp, crab, crawfish, and lobster, however, I’m allergic to fish. So the pescetarian route would not suite me or my bank account. I’ve found some amazing recipes on Pinterest and plan to execute them during this challenge. I’m excited to see how I will feel and what the outcome will be.
The journey begins on January 1, 2014. I will be updating you guys here, here, and here
If you’d like to join me, tweet me and use #31DaysVegetarian!