2013 Holiday Guift Guide: #Tech Edition

2013 Tech Holiday Gift Guide

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one. I have these and must say that they are worth every penny. Plus, they are stylish and looks great on anyone. I saw an older lady at the airport with the ones of above so I’m sure anyone in your family will love Beats by Dre.

two. The Fitbit Force allows you to track your steps, your walking or running distance, calories and more. Great gift for the your exercise goals for next year.

three. No need to get your small computer out to watch you favorite series. Plug the Chromecast into your TV for easy viewing.

four. If you are tired of iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S4 phone is their competitor.

five. Another must have on my wish list! I’m so hoping this will be under the tree for me this Christmas. The Galaxy Gear syncs with your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. This has to be the coolest thing out this year!

six. Although I have a MacBook, I prefer to carry my iPad with me. But it’s getting to be a bit difficult with sending emails and writing lengthy notes on the go. This attachable keyboard is such a functional idea without the heaviness.

Which tech item would you love for Christmas?