The Best Blogger Conference: 2013 Blogalicious5 Experience

Now I know this is hard to judge because, to be honest, I haven’t been to any other blogger conference but this has to be the best one. Ever. Writing this I am still feeling the excitement, knowledge, and hypeness of Blogalicious5. Who knew there was a blogger conference like this one? Some many women (and a few men), solopreneurs,  and BLOGGERS gathered in one place, eager to learn, connect, and succeed in this blogger lifestyle.

Day 1.
This day was truly impacted with high volume conversation about blogger professionalism and leveraging your brand. In one session it explained the “Seven Sins of Blogging” and how it makes your different from other bloggers. Keeping deadlines and responding effectively to people or brands you are working with. Bloggers looked heard helpful insights from media and marketing experts (who happen to be bloggers as well) on how to master your niche, engage with your community, and how to be mindful of our brand on an offline.

-Met with tons of brands such as Wells Fargo, PicMonkey, and Boiron.
-Met fellow blogger boos FabEllis and WhitneyNicJames.
-Q&A with Kerry Washington’s social media machine, Allison Peters “-kw’s krew”.

-#ScandalParty with Awesomely Luvvie and #CBTVScandal!

Day 2.
I’ve never been so excited to wake up at 8am! I was so much fun meeting some familiar faces. We had the pleasure getting to hear the EIC of Ebony Magazine, Amy Dubois-Barnett. Her open spirit was one that you could feel from a mile away. She encouraged her top tips on how she got out of her own way.

-Great tips on building a blogger business.
-I had an impromptu Colgate interview with Tanika Ray. (I’ll post once I find it!)
-I won a full product set from Eden BodyWorks! Heard amazing things about their products and can’t wait to try them.
-Had a one-on-one talk with‘s Digital Editorial Director, Kierna Mayo, who co-founded the magazine Honey. Loved her openness as well. Her personality was one of that I see in myself: drive, passion, and humility.

 Tanika Ray and I at the Colgate booth at Blogalicious5.

Day 3.
The last and final day. Not ready to leave but excited for all the information I’ve received so far. And even ready to go back home to apply it. Special day for three blogger finalists (Mumbo Sauce, Marital Education, and a Mom Delivery Service) who had the chance to pitch their business idea to Wells Fargo for a chance to win $5000 towards their business. Each person was in their own league and had great pitches. Roundtable discussions with top bloggers in the business and meeting the ORS crew and learning more about their products.

-Tips on how to be our niche and be our brand at all times.
-Great tips on how to book, host, and do speaking engagements.
 -Had a chance to interact at a Roundtable Discussion with Trina, Danielle, and Marie Denee who are successful bloggers in the fashion and beauty community. Such an insightful discussion!
-Met Africa Miranda, hair model for ORS, and Cynthia Bailey to talk about hair and most misconceptions about products.

Cynthia Bailey, African Miranda, and Dr. Hair.
(my photos)

Overall, it was a great experience and I’m so glad I was able to attend. I want to send a thank you out to those who supported me to get to this conference. Please check out their blogs and businesses below!

Aquila from HotPinkGrass
Ashley from PearlfectConcepts
Patricia from Blissful Moments
Gerry from AMCAP

Any who, are a few more pictures that were captured during the weekend! Hope you enjoy!
All-Star Blogger Panel: The Broke Socialite, BagLadiesLive, BabyShopaholic, Awesomely Luvvie, Afrobella, The Style and Beauty Doctor, Maggie

 Cynthia Bailey, ORS rep, African Miranda, and Dr. Hair.

Model Cynthia Bailey and Former EIC of Ebony Magazine Harriet Cole at the ORS Presentation.

Amy DuBois-Barnett, current Editor-In-Chief of Ebony Magazine.

Hope you all enjoyed my recap! Thanks for stopping by!

  • You look stunning! and omg I love Cynthia!! Was she just as pretty in person??

    • Thanks Renata! Yes, she was gorg. It doesn’t take much for her. She was very funny too, which was surprising!