#SlimSoft Colgate Toothbrush by Influenster

CONFESSION: I change my toothbrush EVERY month. 
Every time I tell someone this, they ALWAYS respond by saying, “Well, you know they make automatic toothbrushes right?” And I’m all defensive like, “Yea but…it’s not the same.” Which I realize is a poor excuse and have to wonder if I have issues and why don’t I actually use one. A dentist appointment is one that I will never miss. I don’t really enjoy what happens at the dentist, I just want whatever I need to make my teeth look amazing.
It made me think why I need to change my toothbrushes so often. Then, I realized I had someone to blame for it: My dad.
Now I can’t say he made me change my toothbrush very often when I was younger, but he did make me obsessed with my teeth. He always made sure I made my dental appointments every month. He was vocal on how I should brush my teeth and the health of my teeth. Of course it was his idea for me to have braces in middle school (which I needed) and then made me get them AGAIN right before my graduation pictures because he wanted them to be straighter. It sounds like I had a horrid set of chops but I didn’t. He was just obsessed as I am now.

#SlimSoft Toothbrush by Colgate c/o Influenter

InfluensterVox sent me the SlimSoft Toothbrush by Colgate this past week. When I first saw the brush head and handle, I figured it would not work for me, but boy was I absolutely wrong. The bristles on this thing is indescribable. Imagine you had a trillion bristles on a toothbrush. Imagine you just came from the dentist with that squeaky clean feeling after they are done. Imagine you brushed your teeth with more than one toothbrush at a time. Yea. That’s the best way to explain how this toothbrush made me feel after the first try.

Let me know if you try this toothbrush out. Are you an automatic “toothbrusher” or a regular “toothbrusher” like me?

  • I am a regular toothbrush user like you. This sounds like something I should give a shot! I am pretty obsessed with my teeth and brush them 3 times a day, use mouthwash twice a day, and floss every night! There’s nothing wrong with taking care of our teeth 🙂