Fall 2013: My Style Purchases

My Recent Purchases
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one. Recently on a mall trip with my blogger friend Rocquelle, I was eyeing this skirt that was above the budget I was willing to pay. Rocquelle convinced me to search elsewhere for one. I feel like I’m the only one on earth who doesn’t have a leather skirt and knew I needed it.

two. These aren’t the actually pants I bought as these are more spring appropriate. Topshop recently opened a display at Nordstrom in Houston Galleria and I grabbed a few things there. It was hosted by Merritt a local popular blogger here in Houston. Check out her post here.

three. There’s nothing like a shoe sale. NM Last Call had a sale on their top brands. Metallic is the new shiny.

four. These adorable studs brings just enough accent when I’m wearing silver or gold.

five. I’ve stalked these affordable sought after shoes for… the… LONGEST. Got an email that my size was available while I was driving and I literally pulled over to purchase them before they were gone. But don’t do that though. It’s not that serious. (says the person who did it.)

six. This was another purchase from Topshop x Nordstrom. I thought it was so neat that although it was a new addition to the store, they already had a sale section. It was the only one on the rack plus it was in my size. WIN.

seven. I’ve been dying to try the winter white look. If you remember this post, I mentioned I hated wearing white so i’ll be pushing my limits. I advise people to push their limits with their style. In doses, of course. You never know what you may like.

Do you like these picks?