Back to Basics: Curl Care 101 w/ @NikkiBCurly

I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by NikkiBCurly who I faithfully stalk on Instagram. It was a sure surprise when I found out that she was in Houston! The event space was held at one of the most talked about natural hair stores, Tendrils and Curls’. This place is beautifully decorated with every natural hair care product under the sun. It features the feel of a private home. Going through each room getting a surprise of a brand I’ve never heard of before. Welcoming, modern, and quaint.

 photo DSC_0229_zpsa04ac98a.jpg photo DSC_0237_zpsb5a2316c.jpg photo DSC_0244_zps82dc8ac4.jpg  photo DSC_0249_zpse17135a5.jpg

There were so many fabulous naturalistas there. Long, short, curly and colored! A numerous amount of guests won fabulous natural hair products and gifts. I was gifted the Obia Natural Haircare.

 photo DSC_0253_zps5f3debc7.jpg  photo DSC_0254_zps8bad5e29.jpg

The lovely Shanda from Love.Shan.Glam

 photo DSC_0260_zps5d230cbf.jpg
NikkiBCurly (middle) and guests.

If you didn’t know, I am natural. I transitioned for 6 months and cut off my permed ends in February. And boy has it been rough! Hearing her story about how some products and even natural products don’t work for her, made me understand that just because it’s “good” in the eyes of the Natural Gods doesn’t mean it’s “good” for your hair.

And for a bonus this event was featured on! Yes, I didn’t wear my natural hair. My head is fat and I look weird. lol Hopefully soon I will start to wear my natural hair more often.

How many of you ladies are natural and what products do you recommend using?