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T-Shirt: Phillip Lim for Target (Men) | Skort, Red Pumps, Bag: Zara | Watch: MK | Bracelet: HRH | MidiRings: Urban Outfitters | Nails: Stacey by Zoya (my favorite for Fall!)

The Fall as come and gone in Houston, which sort of makes for better weather than summer. It’s still hot, but not that scorching hot that is unbreathable and makes you darker in a matter of seconds. While shooting this, it was a bit hot because of standing directly in the sun. But once you hit a shaded area, it was golden. I even felt a breeze.

I’ve had a busy week this week. Constant events, phone calls, and emails now that I’ve started my own business. The back and fourth with clients with upcoming events and a time to breath and hangout with my blogger buddies and friends has been difficult. I realize that I do more blogging than anything which I feel is a bit unfair to you all. I must say some days I am not even in the mood to blog but realize that without you reading it, I wouldn’t have some of these opportunities.

I got a new lens for my camera this month and I’m having so much fun with it. Can you tell the difference in the pics?

I’d love to hear what you think about my look as well!