Simply Yolanda: Beauty That Feels Better

There’s a new beauty line that has hit the scene. I had the pleasure of attending the launching of Yolanda Adam’s beauty line called Simply Yolanda. This woman, has her hands in EVERYTHING. Her music, her clothing line, and now… a beauty line that “improves the lives of others by improving the skin through products from high quality ingredients.”
You can imagine the life Yolanda Adams is living. Living a face-paced, high stress lifestyle and needing a product that has all her essential oils in one product. She felt a need to share a product that would “give the spa experience for less, while still solving common skincare issues.”
Experiencing the Simply Yolanda products were every woman’s dream. Massages, a chocolate fountain, a live band, and delicious food, were apart of the experience of knowing what type of woman is product is for. As I walked in the Simply Yolanda launch party, I felt like it was relaxed and inviting and I felt like it was about the customer, which is most important. 
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I had the pleasure of speaking to Yolanda Adams about her new beauty line. Here’s our short convo:

BOB: What inspired you to get in the beauty industry?
YA: Well, for me, it was a natural progression. I love for my skin to be in the best shape it can be in. And I found that there were products that were pretty harsh that I find that I need more moisturizing. So I said to my self, “Hmm, since there is a need, maybe I’m the one that’s supposed to fill it.” MDB group found a chemist and what oils and fragrances I wanted. I try my best to live as organic as I can. There are very few products that do that job of moisturizing the skin.

BOB: Do you think that Simply Yolanda is ONLY for Women of Color?
YA: I created for all women. I have all nations of fans so when people try the product I wont them to not think of it as a “color” brand, I want them to think of it as an authentic brand.

BOB: Why did you choose the name Love and Chocolate for your two body washes?
YA: Because those are the two things I love most in the world! I love 88% Dark Chocolate because I don’t like a lot of sugar.

BOB: I LOVE your dress (Wearing Herve Leger)! Who would you say your favorite designer is?
YA: Well,  Herve takes good care of me! But I can’t say one because I have 500 of them! I’m a Kevin Hall, Donna Karan, Mark Bower, Carolina Herra, ….we can just go on and on. I love color! It makes you feel wonderful!

If you are interested in Simply Yolanda, please go to for more information about the products.

If you have tried Simply Yolanda, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Please leave them in the comment section!