Anniversary Trip: #EssenceFest 2013 New Orleans

Hey LOVELIES! I’ve missed you guys so much! It has been a while, I know. I would make excuses but you’ll see some of the things I have been working on soon! 🙂

This summer has been a bit scattered for me, but I was so excited for my anniversary trip to New Orleans! Ok, first let me tell you, I’ve gone to New Orleans a trillion billion times for Mardi Gras, Bayou Classic, and just for fun while in college (of course) while going to school in Baton Rouge. We used to take weekend trips just to party (but I did my homework first). And to be honest, I’ve also been to Essence Fest when I was younger but can hardly remember. But this time, it was truly wonderful. I experienced places and food (surprisingly) that I hadn’t tasted before. Sounds like I’ve never been!

 New Orleans is such a romantic city. It has areas and scenery that you can’t see in just a four day trip. The French Quarter features horse carriages, street jazz music, and petite restaurants. We will definitely be there next year!

Now here’s a few snapshot’s of my trip! Hope you enjoy!

 photo DSC_0187_zps55774d91.jpg photo DSC_0007_zps7adfb9b4.jpg photo DSC_0010_zps646770a0.jpg photo DSC_0002_zps32a93d58.jpg photo DSC_0012_zpsf34c3ccd.jpg photo DSC_0011_zps20d7508b.jpg photo DSC_0178_zpsab609e33.jpg photo DSC_0200_zpsfedf5b34.jpg photo DSC_0117_zps0e2b2c28.jpg photo DSC_0131_zps11cea4dd.jpg photo DSC_0128_zpscf2abcdf.jpg photo DSC_0103_zps9ba8f0a7.jpg

  • Beautiful photos Brittany. The first outfit is fab.


  • Great pics! I love my city!! And love your blog too. Thanks for the follow on Twitter. I look forward to connecting!


  • I’ve never been but I’ve always wanted to go! It looks like you had so much fun and how cute are your outfits!

    I want a hubby to take me on anniversary trips!


  • Oh I love New Orleans! You’re right it is a very romantic city in a historical kind of way. You looked really cute, I love the braids. Oh, was that my baby daddy Boris Kudjoe and his wife in one of those pics? LOL!