Krista Says, I Am NOT My Hair!

“If I wanna shave it close or if I wanna rock locks that dont take a bit away from this soul that I got!” 
-India Arie

Hey Loves! I am so inspiried by the quote that opened up this post today! I just love India Arie. I woke up from a nap last week and decided to take my hair extensions down. There I stood in the mirror with the scissors in my hand. *mouth drops* Reality struck me! I’m natural and I have to now deal with this TWA (teenie weenie afro). Grr! 

I wanted to slap myself for taking my extensions out. I swallowed my pride I washed, treated and tied down my TWA. As I laid in the bed, I told myself I’m getting braids or something. I cant deal! It seems like some people play with their hair and style it then it grows. On the other hand, some people wear weaves or braids and it grows. I just dont know, my little fro doesn’t seem to grow! It is true I wouldn’t give my little hair a chance to flourish. I must admit that I didn’t want to see myself with this kinky, curly TWA.  So Sunday, I played with it. I put it in a puff; I twisted it; I dyed it. I actually enjoyed myself. 

I watched a few YouTube tutorials and began to see how much joy was brought to other natural sisters! I saw the opportunity to make my hair a new hobby. An opportunity to step out of my box. I can do this! 

I did my first twist out Monday and it was perfect! Since then, I’ve been watching more tutorials and getting ideas. I’m motivated! With all this being said, I’ve decided to face my fro (with babysteps, of course!) For the month of April, I vow not to wear a sew-in or braids. I think this is something very liberating for me.

 So ask yourself, are you afraid to step out of the box? It doesn’t have to deal with hair. This is just my personal choice. However, I’m sure everyone has something they want to try. Do it! Break Loose! 

Comment and let me know what liberating change YOU want to make this month! 
Good Luck!