African Pride Hair Care National Tour #UltimateBeautySocial

I was so delighted to have been invited (didn’t mean to rhyme!) to attend the African Pride Hair Care #UltimateBeautySocial National Tour as they stopped here in Houston, TX on April 6 at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. The guests at the event were treated with a nice brunch with mimosas that was hosted by HFB Founder and Blogger Shalanda of Live Life In Style, Natural Hair Blogger Tamara Floyd of Natural Hair Rules and Author Audrey Sivasothy of The Science Of Black Hair.
African Pride’s Content Director Camila Crews started the event with showcasing the African Pride products and how they can be used for your relaxed or natural. The models featured different hair styles using the products as well.

 Since I have been wearing braids, I have always had my African Pride Braid Spray but never thought about trying the other products for my natural hair. Here’s what grabbed my attention about the brand: The Olive Miracle and Shea Butter Miracle products. These African Pride products helps keep your hair strong by dramatically reducing breakage and dryness. African Shea butter, olive oil, and herbal oil extracts are some of the ingredients that highlighted for breakage and dryness.

 photo DSC_0038-3_zps9d75e0be.jpg photo DSC_0063-2_zps0f1cae53.jpg photo DSC_0040_zps5e400745.jpg photo DSC_0049-1_zps446342c0.jpg photo DSC_0052-1_zpsb3a26823.jpg
 photo DSC_0066_zps797d8659.jpg
Now that I am starting to take better care of my hair and trying to get to know exactly what my hair likes, I have realized there are so many products out there and these types of events helps the customer to become aware of these products and how they are beneficial. I am so excited to try these products! I will come back and let you all know how these products affect my hair.

This event was so helpful and it was informative hearing point of views about individual hair stories and encouragement to strive for HEALTHY hair!

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Special thanks to Nicole Garner, CEO of The Garner Circle PR.

If you would like to purchase products, click here.

Have you tried any of African Pride’s products? Will you purchase again? Let me know!