Krista Says, It’s Time to Spring Clean!

The Initial thought of spring automatically comes with the thought of *cues horror music* Spring Cleaning! However, don’t fret. Spring is the season between the harsh winter wind and the blistering summer heat. With that being said, spring will require the comeback of short shorts, bikinis, tanks and sandals. On the other hand, the breezy days call for a plethora of appropriate winter items that fit the season. Remember you want to “Dress for the season, and not the weather!” So before you start storing, here are a few swanky tips for spring:
  1. Lightly Layer- Store away those heavy coats! Spring will call for linen blazers, denim jackets, and cotton cardigans. Pair these thin tanks and tees.
  2. Fade the Black- Black may make you look thin, but replace it with soft colors and completing prints this season. Personally, I will be wearing plenty of corals and teal greens. That’s just my preference! White, pink, beige, canary, amethyst, sea green and peach are all options to add to your wardrobe.
  3. Accessorize with Scarves – Big thanks to the thick scarves that kept us from harsh colds this season, however, put those away! This season thin, linen, and sheer should come to mind when choosing a scarf. Drape or loosely wrap for styling.
  4. Make a Comeback- Boots are a girl’s best friend! They can be paired with your favorite pair of short shorts, flirty skirts, or a fabulous pair of tights. You most definitely do not want to store away your comeback boots. They are especially called for unpolished toes and breezy nights.
      So doesn’t this make you a little more excited about spring cleaning? Ha! I’m sure it doesn’t, because we all dread it! Nevertheless, these tips will assist with your storing and also direction for spring styling! Spring is around the corner so, get ready and good luck!

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