eShakti Presents: What Women Want Contest

In honor of March celebrating International Woman’s Day and Women’s History Month, eShakti is presenting a contest for women, like you, to express what women really want.

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With this eShakti contest, I thought, “What do women really want?”. I want more hours in a day. 33 hours to be exact. Those extra 8 hours would be great. “TIME” is what I want. This would solve a lot of my problems I deal with due to the sun not shining long enough. Here’s the list:
1. I’ll spend more time on things I enjoy doing, instead of spending half of my day at work.(I feel like I get prepared for work for 12 hours of my day, which leaves another half to do other things. And that’s not enough for me.)
2. The mall would stay open longer. (Ok, you can disregard this one, but I had to say it.)
3. I could be a mother full-time and full-time worker (By full-time worker I mean regarding to still only 40 hours. Although I don’t have any children at this moment, I will in the future. But who wishes they could spend more hours with babies?)
4. I would have time to sit and enjoy the day. (Take a longer lunch break. Sit at home and read for a couple of hours. Sit outside and actually feel (and see) the sun. Actually enjoy the “me” time. Leaving work and the sun going down sucks.)
5. Do all the special projects I have stored in my head. (I have so man projects I want to complete, but I never have “TIME”.)

That’s just the cusp of my “TIME” dilemma. I feel like wanting more “TIME” would really solve all my problems. Since I’m a root type of person (meaning I analyze what bases or causes certain situations to happen), this is how I came up with my logic. And although, it will never be 33 hours in a day, I’d probably use that extra 8 hours to sleep properly. Because I can imagine how TIRED I would be after doing everything I need to do!

So, what do women really want? 

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  • Takia

    Agree with everything!!!

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