Valentine’s Day Occasion & Outfit Ideas

Most of you are excited about the national love day and some of you aren’t. Some see this an opportunity to get close to a new friend. Others get a reminder of them being without someone, but don’t let this day determine the way you feel. Here are some tips on what to do and how to look doing it.
Self Love
You are single and all of your friends are going out with their significant others, but you are not the type to fret. You deserve the most even when you don’t have a guy to do things for you. Pamper yourself! Make an appointment to your local spa for a pamper me session. Since it’s a bit warm these days, choose a bright colored jean with a stripped shirt. Wear a basic black or nude flat shoe to compliment you comfortable preppy style. Enjoy yourself and show yourself some love.

Girl’s Night Out
Who needs a guy when you have your girls right?! They’ve been there threw breakups and always had your back. Get your BFFs and hit the town! Choose a LBD (Little Black Dress) that highlights your silhouette. For a pop of color, add a blue or yellow blazer or cardigan for interest because who wants to be in pink or red.

With Your Honey
Typically, couples always make dinner reservations to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
You want to look sleek and sexy for your special someone for this occasion. Try a strapless mini-dress or halter dress and platform shoes with should-dusting sparkle earrings. If it gets chilly, grab a shawl or scarf to cover your shoulders. You are for sure to have a good time and He’ll definitely see the beauty in you!

What you wear, make sure you are comfortable and feel good about you are wearing. Which of these do you plan to partake in? What do you plan to wear? I’d love to know!
Be yourself and have fun! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!
Article Written for TheHoustonSocialSource.

  • Love the varying options! So relevant for all girls 🙂
    I found your blog via Kara’s and as a fellow Bostonian always love supporting others! Can’t wait to read more xo

  • love that black and white dress from topshop! I’ll probably wear something simple like a dress and heels for valentine’s day 🙂

    Great post!