How To: Wear 2013 Trends for your Body Shape

The NEW year is here and you want to reinvent yourself. What better way to start with your style. Style is an expression and with any expression, you must know yourself. No one is perfect, but in order to be the perfect YOU, you have to know your body shape. Most people don’t think of fashion as a discipline. The way a garment fits is an important factor when presenting the best YOU. Here’s a few tips on how to incorporate a few 2013 trends with your body shape.
Classic and simple trend. But don’t think of just your white blouse and black pants. Switch it! Try finding a pair of white trousers. If are bottom heavy (rounded shape & triangle shape), you might want to not do white on your lower half. Instead opt out for a cream or beige bottom. With your black top, select texture instead of your usual button down shirt. Go for a silk blouse with an interesting collar.
 photo BlackandWhite_zps66d1bb00.jpg
Left: Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2013 Right: Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2013

Trend #2: PRINTS
Prints are meant to add interest to your get up. When wearing prints, you should stick to one article of clothing. If you are top heavy (inverted triangle shape, diamond shape), choose prints for your lower half. A printed dress would be a great option for this trend as well. If you are modest of your midsection (rounded shape, diamond shape), choose dresses that are cinched at the waist to give you an A-lined silhouette.
 photo PrintedDresses_zps1e581c37.jpg
Left: Valentino Pre-Fall 2013 Right: Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2013

Last season, everyone was into neon. Some loved it. Most hated it. So for 2013, designers have electrified colors instead. To squeeze this trend in your wardrobe, try starting with a basic button-down top. If you have wide shoulders (Hourglass shape, inverted triangle, rectangle shape), try adding a blazer over the top for balance.
 photo ElectricColor_zpsfd7a69f6.jpg
Left: Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2013 Right: Diane Von Furstenberg Pre-Fall 2013

Trend #4: LEATHER
We all assume that leather should be worn in the colder months, but this trend has extended from last winter, through the summer (surprisingly), and back to winter again.  Now, there have been highlights on wearing leather skirts, pants, and tops. There are even styles that add leather detailing such a leather sleeves on tops, pockets, and so forth. For all body shapes, the classic moto-jacket will fits any style.
 photo Leather_zpsbab8c2e9.jpg
Left: Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2013 Right: Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2013

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Hope you guys enjoyed these tips and hopefully you’ll be incorporating some of these trends in your wardrobe this year!

Which of these trends are you mostly like to try?
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  • Takia

    Great post! You are definitely fashion forward and thanks for educating us on the upcoming trends that seemed to have transitioned from season to season for the last year and a half.